‘Vaxxed’ Bows In NYC, ’Miles Ahead’ Sprints In Debut & ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’ Gets Some: Specialty Box Office

Sony Pictures Classics

Don Cheadle’s Miles Ahead from Sony Classics hit a high note atop the Specialty Box Office chart this very crowded weekend, with the competition holding its own. Paramount launched Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some!! to a solid $17K average in 19 theaters, and the fresh-off-a-mini-media frenzy Vaxxed grossed $22K at the Angelika in New York. Music Box’s Francofonia had a good start in two locations, and China Lion’s Congqing Hot Pot brought in the crowds in 20 theaters with a $9,850 average. Bleecker Street took Eye In The Sky wide grossing over $4M.

Sony Classics’ Miles Davis biopic opened in several locations to a robust start. Directed by and starring Cheadle, Miles Ahead grossed $122,751 in four theaters, averaging $30,688. That puts Miles Ahead in the top tier of PTAs for 2016, in company with Batman V Superman and Midnight Special. The biopic will platform into other major markets in the coming weeks.

Everybody Wants Some

After Austin’s SXSW gave hometown boy Richard Linklater a resounding welcome for his Everybody Wants Some!!, Paramount bowed the title in 19 theaters, grossing $323K for a $17K average. Everybody Wants Some!!, set in the world of 1980s college life, is a ‘spiritual sequel’ to Linklater’s ’70s-set cult classic Dazed and ConfusedEverybody goes out further next week.

Gramercy released Dazed and Confused way back in 1993, the film grossing $8 million at the time. Linklater has criss-crossed between studios and specialty distributors in the years since, with Everybody being Paramount’s third Linklater title. The studio released School of Rock with Jack Black in 2003, still Linklater’s highest-grossing feature at more than $81 million. Two years later, Paramount opened Bad News Bears with Billy Bob Thornton, Greg Kinnear and Marcia Gay Harden, eventually taking nearly $33 million. IFC Films released Boyhood during summer 2014, grossing more than $25 million and scoring a half-dozen Oscar noms, with Patricia Arquette winning for Best Supporting Actress.


Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe opened Friday at the Angelika Film Center in New York grossing a robust $22K, no doubt benefitting from the media dust-up following the Tribeca Film Festival’s decision to yank the docu from its upcoming line-up. The controversial film, which is sympathetic to the scientifically discredited link between vaccines and autism, will open April 15 at the Monica Film Center in Los Angeles – ground zero for the anti-vaccination controversy. Cinema Libre exec Richard Castro said he was “confident” massive audiences will turn out, and that “people all over the country are asking when it will open in their city.”

Music Box Films opened Aleksandr Sokurov’s Francofonia in dual locations with a solid start. The title grossed $23K, averaging $11,500. The film centers on the Louvre’s history and artwork against the backdrop of the Nazi occupation. Music Box is hoping the feature will perform like Sokurov’s 2002 Russian Ark, which grossed $3M stateside for Wellspring.


“In Francofonia, Aleksandr Sokurov does for the Louvre what he did for the Hermitage in Russian Ark, demonstrating that a museum can be the heart of a nation and civilization itself,” said Music Box Films’ Brian Andreotti. “The unique combination of genres and styles he employs here has resulted in one of his most accessible and affecting films to date.” Francofonia will head to Los Angeles on April 15, followed by a platform release into the top 25 markets over several weeks in a traditional window. DVD/Blu-ray and transactional are set for June 28 with SVOD via Amazon Prime to follow.

China Lion debuted Hong Kong Film Festival opening night film Chongqing Hot Pot with stars Chen Kun and Bai Baihe in 20 cities also with a good outing. Chongqing grossed $197K, averaging $9,850 per theater. “We’re definitely aiming for a mix of first-language Chinese speakers and Western art house audiences,” said China Lion’s Robert Lundberg. “We’ll be looking to expand aggressively on April 8 with positive results, hoping to double [the film’s] theater count if our expectations are met.”

Going into its second weekend, IFC Films’ Born to Be Blue added 17 runs, holding well. The Ethan Hawke feature grossed $85K in 20 theaters, averaging $4,260. In its opening weekend, the feature took in over $47K, averaging $15,780. Its two week cume is $153,377. Meanwhile, SPC took Hank Williams biopic I Saw The Light fairly wide in its second round. In 741 theaters, the film grossed over $745K, giving it a $1,006 PTA.

Eye in the Sky

Bleecker Street added over nine hundred locations for Eye In The Sky‘s fourth weekend. Starring Helen Mirren and Aaron Paul, the war thriller took $4.055M in 1,029 locations, giving it a good $3,941 average. Bleecker Street said said the title is playing well to its core adult audience and doing solid returns in mainstream major-market suburban houses.

Roadside and Sony’s Stage 6 Films took Sally Field’s Hello, My Name Is Doris to an additional 476 theaters in its fourth weekend, grossing over $2.3 million from 964 runs, averaging a still solid $2,453. That brings its total up to over $6.61 million.

Oscilloscope deserves kudos for its run of the Colombian Oscar-nominated Embrace Of The Serpent. It peeked last week in 73 theaters, but is held its ground in 56 locations over the weekend, grossing $77K for a $1,375 average. Said the distributor Sunday: “[The film] continues to draw large audiences while becoming the first specialized foreign language film to be released in 2016 to cross the $1 million box office threshold.” The film is slated to open in dozens of new locations over the coming weeks.


Chongqing Hot Pot (China Lion) NEW [20 Theaters] Weekend $197K, Average $9,850

The Dark Horse (Broad Green Pictures) NEW [2 Theaters] Weekend $8,487, Average $4,243

Everybody Wants Some!! (Paramount) NEW [19 Theaters] Weekend $323K, Average $17K, Cume $371K (Wed. Open)

Francofonia (Music Box Films) NEW [2 Theaters] Weekend $23K, Average $11,500

Miles Ahead (Sony Pictures Classics) NEW [4 Theaters] Weekend $122,751, Average $30,688

Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe (Cinema Libre) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $22K

Standing Tall (Cohen Media Group) NEW [2 Theaters] Weekend $7,605, Average $3,802


Born To Be Blue (IFC Films) Week 2 [20 Theaters] Weekend $85,200, Average $4,260, Cume $153,377

I Saw The Light (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 3 [741 Theaters] Weekend $745,435, Average $1,006, Cume $806,672


Krisha (A24) Week 3 [26 Theaters] Weekend $27K, Average $1,038, Cume $100,434


Midnight Special (Warner Bros.) Week 3 [58 Theaters] Weekend $581K, Average $10,017, Cume $994,235

City Of Gold (Sundance Selects) Week 4 [40 Theaters] Weekend $83,200, Average $2,080, Cume. $395,620

Eye In The Sky (Bleecker Street) Week 4 [1,029 Theaters] Weekend $4.055M, Average $3,941, Cume $6,149,542

Hello, My Name Is Doris (Roadside Attractions/Stage 6 Films) Week 4 [964 Theaters] Weekend $2,364,755, Average $2,453, Cume $6,618,549

Kapoor & Sons (FIP) Week 4 [122 Theaters] Weekend $280K, Average $2,295, Cume $2,391,942

Lolo (FilmRise Releasing) Week 4 [4 Theater] Weekend $1K, Average $250, Cume $16,047

Marguerite (Cohen Media Group) Week 4 [46 Theaters] Weekend $75,617, Average $1,644, Cume $229,218

Remember (A24) Week 4 [60 Theaters] Weekend $70K, Average $1,166, Cume $931,033

Knight Of Cups (Broad Green Pictures) Week 5 [28 Theaters] Weekend $29,052, Average $1,037, Cume $520,085

Triple Nine (Open Road Films) Week 6 [101 Theaters] Weekend $46,733, Average $463, Cume $12,573,418

Embrace Of The Serpent (Oscilloscope) Week 7 [56 Theaters] Weekend $77K, Average $1,375, Cume $1,081,435

Where To Invade Next (Drafthouse Films) Week 8 [63 Theaters] Weekend $50,715, Average $805, Cume $3,695,865

Rams (Cohen Media Group) Week 9 [6 Theaters] Weekend $4,168, Average $695, Cume $137,829

The Lady In The Van (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 12 [142 Theaters] Weekend $131,887, Average $929, Cume $9,450,831

Janis: Little Girl Blue (FilmRise) Week 19 [1 Theater] Weekend $1K, Cume $400,769

Mustang (Cohen Media Group) Week 20 [7 Theaters] Weekend $2,438, Average $348, Cume $827,980

Spotlight (Open Road Films) Week 23 [202 Theaters] Weekend $157,198, Average $778, Cume $44,577,853

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