Peter Dinklage & Kate McKinnon Host ‘Game of Thrones’ Preview But Bobby Moynihan Steals It – ‘SNL’


Peter Dinklage hosted last night’s spring season return of Saturday Night Live (with musical guest Gwen Stefani) and he proved to be a, well, totally game leader of the ensemble in an evening that saw the usual comedy span from dopey to delicious. For the inevitable Game of Thrones bit, Kate McKinnon took on the Emilia Clarke role opposite Dinklage in a preview of Season Six. But the Dinklage and Moynihansketch was stolen by Bobby Moynihan, swinging on a harness in Spandex with black and white stickers all over his body, as a motion capture Dragon who can’t resist the urge to comment on the action, spit takes and all. Along with some of the other clips we’ll feature, Dinklage launched with a plain stupid opening monologue (Moynihan played audience plant George R.R. Martin) that at least had the virtue of brevity; Winnie the Pooh (sad, very sad); and the manager of a hotel whose undersea honeymoon suite gives the guests a view of some unanticipated fauna (give it a B+). The best of the taped bits was with Leslie Jones as celebrity participants in Naked and Afraid 

having to survive 21 days in the wilderness and with each other. Best exchange: Dinklage: Why is your hand down there? Jones: ‘Cause that’s where the warmest part is.


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