Indonesia Considers Barring Environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio From Returning To Rainforest

leonardo dicaprio

Indonesian immigration officials aren’t happy with Leonard DiCaprio, threatening to bar the outspoken Oscar-winning actor from returning to the country as a response to his social media posts lambasting the destruction of Indonesian rainforests and wildlife.

DiCaprio visited Indonesia’s Mount Leuser National Park last weekend, then posted photos and messages to Twitter and Instagram calling attention to the country’s palm oil plantations and their detrimental impact on the Indonesian landscape. DiCaprio said the expansion of the plantations “is fragmenting the forest and cutting off key elephant migration corridors.”

“Its forests are home to the densest remaining populations of the critically endangered Sumatran #orangutan,” DiCaprio wrote. “But Palm Oil expansion is destroying this unique place.”

Those are fighting words to plantation owners. Today, Heru Santoso, spokesman for Indonesia’s Directorate General for Immigration at the Law and Human Rights Ministry, told the AP that while the Directorate General support’s the actor’s “concern to save the Leuser ecosystem,” that support did not extend to discrediting the important palm oil industry nor the Indonesian government.

Santoso said the Directorate General “can blacklist him from returning to Indonesia at any time if he keeps posting incitement or provocative statements in his social media.” Santoso explained that the palm oil industry has the right to request that immigration officials keep DiCaprio from visiting Indonesia, but that no official requests have been received.

In his Tweets, DiCaprio also linked to a petition to protect the Leuser ecosystem.





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