Asked About Trump Candidacy, ‘Billion Dollar Buyer’ Star Talks About Need For “Filter”

Tilman Fertitta, billionaire businessman/star of CNBC’s new Billion Dollar Buyer, thinks a businessman would be far better suited than most politicians to run the country, but this particular crop of non-politician candidates (all one of them) needs a “better filter.”

Fertitta came to NBCUniversal’s Summer Press Day to plug his new series, in which he gives small businesses the opportunity of  a lifetime. But a billionaire businessman/star of another NBCU reality series is now the GOP frontrunner in the White House race which, in turn, is the biggest storyline on TV these days. And, so far, the leading authority on the presidential cycle at this NBCU 030316_Marco_Rubio_Donald_Trump_Ted_Cruz_GOP_Debate_Detroit_MI_4 _OP_1_CP__1457064364720_935900_ver1.0_640_360media event is Todd Chrisley. Fertitta naturally got asked what he thought of Donald Trump’s candidacy.

“I don’t disagree with some of what he says,” answered the CEO and sole owner of Landry’s Inc restaurants, hotels and casinos.

“America is sick of just the straight political answers.  One of the reasons that I think CNBC was attracted to me was that I have been guesting on CNBC for 20 years, and I would never give a ‘political’ answer.  They would ask me something and I would tell them what I thought.  But you still have to have a filter. America is looking for somebody, but you still have to have a filter.  We need to find something in between.”

Asked if he was saying Trump needed a better filter, Fertitta said, “Politicians need to be more truthful, and non-establishment candidates need to filter themselves a little better,” filtering out any names.

“A businessman who has a great filter, absolutely” could be POTUS, Fertitta continued to filter. “[Politicians] have never run anything.  Remember, when you are in the legislature, unless you are the governor, you never make a decision.  The buck never stops with you.  I make a $1 million decision every single day on something.  How are you in the legislature experienced all of a sudden to run the United States of America?  Remember, you’ve got great people around you, but you have got to make tough decisions.  And I think we have had many Presidents that shouldn’t be President.”

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