‘Conan’s ‘Batman V Superman’ Cold Open: Bruce Wayne Jams To The Spin Doctors?


It’s the biggest movie in the world right now and so it goes that tonight’s episode of Conan is an all Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice extravaganza. “Based on the latest figures, the Batman v. Superman audience is 78% male. Which means I’m the perfect person to host this show because I’m also 78% male,” O’Brien quipped during his opening monologue, which followed a pretty funny cold open featuring O’Brien and sidekick Andy Richter getting insulted for only being “cable stars”, before finding themselves in possession of the Batmobile. Spoiler alert: it turns out the famous car comes loaded with a USB charge port as well as a mix CD with the Spin Doctors’ 1992 hit “Two Princes” ready to go. What a total about face from the relentless darkness of the film itself! See for yourself in the video above.

The Warner Bros superhero pic is currently crushing all rivals at the Box Office and shrugging off bad reviews like dandruff. It’s already raked in $200M domestically with a global $530M take and looking on track to earn a billion before it leaves theaters. That’s big vindication for WB’s nascent DC Comics alternative to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and likely for the legions of Batfans currently feuding with critics on social media over their reviews. (I’d still like a Superman who smiles, however.)

The Batman v Superman episode of Conan also features the film’s stars in interviews and skits, and airs tonight at 11 PM on TBS.

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