Jimmy Kimmel To Ted Cruz: “Who Do You Like Better, Obama Or Trump?”

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s first appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live wasn’t what you’d call a love fest. It was, however, riveting TV.

The GOP presidential hopeful, was in Los Angeles raising money, because California  has the most Republicans of any state in the country – more than Texas, Cruz said. He told Kimmel about wanting to be an actor, and how he nearly dropped out of school to move to CA to pursue his dream.

“You don’t seem like an actor,” Kimmel observed, setting the tone. Kimmel then noted Cruz is widely disliked in Washington, though these days even politicians who’ve joked about having him whacked are endorsing him (Sen. Lindsey Graham explained that endorsement to Trevor Noah last week).

“When you stand up to Washington they don’t like it,” Cruz simpered, adding that the change has come about because Donald Trump has “this amazing ability to clarify everything.”

Then Cruz launched into his trademark talk about his “promise to fight with every breath in his body to stop Obamacare,” which he called an utter disaster.

“Is that really a disaster? Because I don’t really feel like it is,” Kimmel pushed back. “I’ve not heard one story from any person I know that indicated that. ‘Pure disaster’ is a strong word to use.”

“It’s probably not a disaster – with millionaire Hollywood movie stars,” Cruz snickered.

“Do you think these are the only people that I hang out with?” Kimmel snarked, chuckling over Cruz’s retort. “It’s Hollywood. I’ll explain it to you: It’s all pretend. This is not a real city behind us,” Kimmel said, pointing to the back wall on his set. “It’s a photograph.”

Cruz shot back that Wisconsin small business owners told him Obamacare is the “single biggest challenge they are facing.”

Kimmel changed the subject, asking Cruz about his plan to have police patrol Muslim neighborhoods, if elected. “Isn’t this in direct competition with the Bill of Rights?” the ABC late-night star asked.  Cruz pitched his plan. “Yeah. I’m not with you on that one,” Kimmel said, making it two for two.

After the break, Kimmel asked random questions to Cruz so his viewers, could better get to know him. About that Obama vs Trump questions, Cruz said, “I dislike Obama’s policies more, but Donald is a unique individual.” Then, referencing an earlier guest who’d showed viewers how to frighten friends on April Fool’s Day by sticking photo of Trump over their car’s back-up camera, Cruz said, “If I looked and saw Donald Trump, I’m not sure which pedal I’d use.”

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