Can Max Landis Catch Lightning Twice? Buyers Ponder Bradley Cooper-Attached ‘Deeper’

After his spec Bright turned into the spec sale of the year and a $90 million production commitment from Netflix for a picture that will star Will Smith and Joel Edgerton with David Ayer directing, scribe Max Landis is at it again. Earlier this week his reps circulated to buyers Deeper, a script that has Bradley Cooper attached along with White God helmer Kornel Mundruczo. Word of the script is starting to hit the trades.

Deadline broke the story of this script late last year. Bids are just coming together, but it only takes one buyer to jump into the deep end and get this going. In the drama, a disgraced astronaut embarks on a mission to reach the bottom of a newly discovered oceanic trench, theorized to be the lowest point on planet Earth. He encounters an increasing level of danger, and soon finds himself in a psychological (and physical) fight against mysterious forces. Landis is producing with David Goyer, a coproduction between Phantom Four and Addictive Pictures. Also producing are Kevin Turen for Phantom 4 and Russell Ackerman and John Schoenfelder for Addictive.

Stay tuned. These bids are getting high. It won’t reach the level of Bright, but we are talking in the tens of millions for a green lit film. Production would begin in 2017.

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