Noah Wyle Inks Deal To Return To ‘The Librarians’, Will Make His Writing Debut


The Librarians executive producer Noah Wyle has signed a deal to reprise his role as Flynn Carsen on the TNT action adventure series’ upcoming third season. He will appear in 7 of the 10 episodes, the most he has done in one season. Additionally, Wyle is set to direct two episodes from Season 3. He also will write one.

Over the past decade, ER alum Wyle had been expanding into areas beyond acting. He started by serving as a producer on the second and third Librarian movies at TNT before joining Dean Devlin in his efforts to resurrect the franchise as a series, which both executive produce. Wyle also was a producer on TNT’s sci-fi drama series Falling Skies, on which he played the lead. Wyle made his directorial debut on an episode from Falling Skies‘ final season last year, followed by directing an episode from Season 2 of The Librarians.

noah_wyle_the_librarian_1Writing has become a new passion for Wyle. In addition to The Librarians episode, he has written a spec for The Art Of War, a cable drama set in the world of art forgery. It will be taken out to networks soon. Additionally, Wyle teamed with Justified executive producer Graham Yost to write a World War II-themed miniseries, which chronicles the civil war that took place in USA between those who supported intervention against the Nazis, led by broadcaster Edward R. Murrow, and isolation, advocated by isolationist Charles Lindbergh.

Wyle, who was starring full-time on Falling Skies when The Librarians was conceived, does year-to-year acting deals for the offshoot series.

Devlin, whose company Electric Entertainment produces The Librarians, called working with Wyle “one of most successful creative partnerships I’ve ever had.”

“To have this season him writing, directing and acting in seven episodes, it feels like we have come all the way home together, it’s great to have him so engaged,” said Devlin, who also will be more deeply involved in The Librarians in the upcoming third season as he takes over as showrunner.

What to expect form Season 3? “The show will be a bit scarier, with a little bit higher stakes to put more pressure on the characters and how they handle things,” Devlin said.

Wyle signed on for the first Librarian movie as a hiatus project while he was on ER; as an action adventure with comedy elements it felt like a nice break from the intense storylines on the NBC medical drama. Wyle was not surprised by the franchise’s success.

 “The Librarians fills a vacuum, providing true family programming for TNT,” he said. As he is taking on writing and more directing duties, in addition to acting and producing, Wyle praised Devlin. “He has been incredibly supportive of me spreading my wings on the show.”

Regarding the new stage in his career, “Eighteen months ago, I began to move into producing, directing and writing with more aggression and confidence. It wasn’t planned, but all things started falling into place, they all clicked,” Wyle said. “I’m very excited about the third season of The Librarians and the opportunity to act, produce, direct and write. Going forward, I have four different ways of approaching what I want to do – I can generate my own material by writing, I can produce, direct, act or do a combination of these things, mixing it up.”

Wyle is repped by Brillstein Entertainment Partners and CAA.

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