‘Batman V Superman’ Deleted Scene: What The Lex Is Going On Here?

By Patrick Hipes, Ross A. Lincoln

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains mild spoilers for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Warner Bros today put online what it’s calling a deleted scene from its DC tentpole smash Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. The studio says the scene, which ends with Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor in a goopy pool with some sort of alien, is part of the R-rated director’s cut of the pic that will be available on the Blu-ray edition when that eventually streets. The MPAA gave the extended director’s cut an R-rating back in February.

The scene appears to show Luthor at the heart of the Krytponian ship from Man Of Steel. The feds have given him access to it — which later lead to the creation of the Doomsday creature that fights Superman, Batman Darkseidgeogreperezand Wonder Woman. Warner Bros. hasn’t revealed the identity of that alien being, but much educated guessing holds that it’s either the DC Comics supervillain Darkseid, or his lieutenant, Steppenwolf.

Created by Jack Kirby in 1971, Darkseid is tyrannical ruler of the planet Apokalips, bent on conquering the universe and bringing a final end to the concept of free will. He’s frequently shown in the comics and various animated productions to be the Justice League’s greatest enemy, and is widely presumed to be the major antagonist of the upcoming Justice League films, similar to the role Josh Brolin’s Thanos plays in the Marvel cinematic Universe. Indeed, there’s a scene at the end of Batman V Superman that strongly suggests Darkseid played a role in the film’s events. Earlier in the story, during a dream sequence, the omega symbol associated with the character is prominently seen.

It’s true that the creature in this clip bears almost no resemblance to either Darkseid or Steppenwolf as they appear in the comics, though it’s worth noting that the theatrical cut of Batman V Superman already features the total (and very controversial) reimagining of another longstanding Superman supporting character. And the alien does appear to be controlling three of DC Comics’ “mother boxes,” sentient supercomputers used by villains and heroes associated with Darkseid (and yes, they were also created by Kirby). One scene in the theatrical cut we won’t spoil here even features the effects of a mother box on major DC Comics character.

The theatrical cut, which is PG-13, just wrapped its opening weekend at the global box office with a $420.1 million take, the fourth-biggest bow of all time. It is the first of 10 planned DC Universe pics coming from Warner Bros.

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