David Gregory Named CNN Political Analyst

David Gregory, the former host of NBC’s Sunday Beltway show Meet the Press and a 20-year NBC News veteran, has signed on as a political analyst at CNN, based in Washington. He will appear primarily on New Day, which is in a ratings death match with MSNBC’s Morning Joe. The two programs have been duking it out for the No. 2 spot behind Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends in the mornings.

Gregory, who already has been seen on CNN and Fox News commenting on this election cycle, famously was pushed out of NBC’s Sunday Beltway show, and NBC News, without a chance to say so-long to viewers. That, despite his many years with the network, because it feared another “Ann Curry moment,” Gregory wrote in his memoir How’s Your Faith: An Unlikely Spiritual Journey. “Because of this ill-conceived concern, NBC decided not to let me have a final show. … I was furious when I heard that,” Gregory wrote. “I felt like they were snuffing me out.”

(Curry, the former Today show co-host, similarly was pushed out of the morning show when its ratings slid, but was afforded a so-long show – a  treacly goodbye that went off script, enormously embarrassed NBC News and didn’t do co-host Matt Lauer much good on the PR front either for some time. Gregory compared his final year at Meet the Press as being “like a marriage that you know is bad but you can’t leave.”)

In addition to Gregory, CNN named Angela Rye as a CNN political commentator based in DC. The former executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus also served as senior advisor and counsel on the House Committee on Homeland Security for four years.

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