Keith Olbermann Talks Trump, Announces Availability On ‘The View’


“It’s nothing serious —  just perhaps the most dangerous presidential candidate since the guy in the middle of the Civil War who wanted to give up in 1864,” Keith Olbermann said today of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

“What would happen if ISIS got nukes?” he asked The Ladies of The View on today’s broadcast.  “What would happen if Donald Trump got nukes? Which is the more realistic concern for us at the moment? The second one is a distinct, visible possibility and the first one is theoretical but very unlikely because they’re very difficult to move. He gets them the first day in office. That’s my problem with the whole thing.”

On the bright side, Olbermann thinks the GOP establishment will successfully bar Trump from getting the nomination at the party convention – because that’s what they do.

“First off, it would be really good television.  We used to have contested conventions every four years…The one thing that I would complement the Republican Party on in the last 25 years is, what they have been good at is altering votes. In other words redistricting. So Democrats don’t get reelected in Texas.

“In a broad sense, I don’t think this is what decided the election but there was Bush vs Gore and it worked out for the Republican. This is what they do. They’re really good of preventing things from happening that should otherwise happen.”

Olbermann, who left ESPN for a second time  in July, also said he’s coming out of retirement, “so, anybody who wants to, just call me.”  Having had gigs in sports and news, across his career at ESPN, MSNBC, Fox Sports, and Current TV, it’s maybe tough to know what he’s looking for. But he’s been talking politics a lot lately. More accurately, he’s been talking trash about Trump a lot lately. Olbermann the other day got maybe the best real estate ad ever, when The Washington Post ran his opinion piece, “I Can’t Stand to Live in a Trump Building Anymore” announcing he was selling his home in a Trump tower. More recently, he authored a guide to surviving media coverage of Trump, for Politico.

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