‘The Path’ Review: Aaron Paul’s Hulu Drama A Journey Worth Taking

The Path Review Hulu

Good Friday can put many in a reflective state of mind when it comes to faith, and in many different ways so will Hulu’s The Path. Debuting on March 30 with two episodes and the rest of the 10-episode first season rolling out weekly after that, the drama series created by Jessica Goldberg and executive produced by Jason Katims is a journey that opens up many beguiling narrative avenues. In fact, as I say in my video review above, with the streaming service’s ever-growing slate of originals like Casual and 11.22.63, The Path could be the drama that puts Hulu in the major leagues – especially due to the heavy hitters it has as its leads.

Centered on the fictional, seemingly hippyish Meyerist Movement, the series sees the on-screen regular return of Aaron Paul to dramatic TV for the first time since Breaking Bad ended in 2013. As a convert to the movement and husband to the highly placed Sarah (played by the exceptional Michelle Monaghan of Season 1 of True Detective)Paul’s Eddie Lane is a man in many ways even more tormented than Breaking Bad‘s Jesse Pinkman as he learns the secrets of the supposedly loving cult. What emerges from well-weaved plotlines involving power, agendas, spiritualism, FBI surveillance, strange bedfellows, and more than one Judas kiss, is that the movement is becoming increasingly dominated by surrogate leader Cal Roberts, played with alternating sincerity and sinisterness by Hannibal alum Hugh Dancy – a man who wants to control everything including the heart of Sarah.

The route can be grim to say the least, but The Path sees Emmy-winner Paul, Monaghan and Emmy-nominated Dancy doing some of their best work. Like any faith or fairytale, the whole of The Path is greater than the sum of its parts. However, when you have such authoritative crafters as the ex-Parenthood producers Goldberg and Katims, plus a trinity of strong leads and a key supporting cast, The Path is a series that is worth putting your viewing faith in.

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