The CW To Redevelop ‘The Notebook’ & ‘Weaveworld’ Series Adaptations

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The CW Logo 1The CW is keeping two high-profile projects that it developed this season in contention for the next cycle. I have learned that the network plans to redevelop The Notebook, based on the romance novel by Nicholas Sparks and the 2004 feature, and Weaveworld, an adaptation of the horror/fantasy novel by Clive Barker (Hellraiser). Both projects will get new writers to pen new incarnations which again will be executive produced by Sparks and Barker, respectively.

Set in late 1940s North Carolina, The Notebook follows the blossoming romantic journey of Noah and Allie — played in the Nick Cassavetes-directed film by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams — as they build their lives against the backdrop of post-World War II-era racial politics, economic inequities and social mores. Sparks and Theresa Park executive produce for Nicholas Sparks Prods and Warner Bros. TV.

CliveBarkerBarker’s 1987 novel Weaveworld is set in 1980s England and revolves around The Seerkind – a race of people with the capacity to invoke magic. The book received a contemporary makeover in the CW adaptation this season, centering on an app designer teaming up with a young pastry chef destined to be guardian of a mythological realm in an epic battle against evil for control of a magical world. Angela Mancuso executive produces with Barker for CBS TV Studios.

For decades, Weaveworld had been considered too hard to adapt for TV because of a scope and setting that would require extensive special effects. There had been multiple attempts for a miniseries adaptation, including by Showtime. Meanwhile, special effects technology has evolved and become affordable for TV productions, as evidenced by shows like ABC’s Once Upon A Time, the CW’s Arrow and Flash and Fox’s Gotham, making a Weaveworld TV series a less daunting proposition.

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