Bernie Sanders Talks Donald Trump, ISIS, Easter Egg Roll With Jimmy Kimmel


“We can’t let the Trumps of the world use these incidents to attack all of the Muslim people in the world,” Bernie Sanders told ABC late-night star Jimmy Kimmel hours after ISIS took credit for bombings in Brussels that left 34 dead.

The GOP frontrunner “implied that if someone is a Muslim, then they are a terrorist — that is an outrageous statement … that is not what this country is about and we don’t need a candidate for president hurling these insults,” the Democratic presidential candidate continued.

Americans favor tough-talking candidates after attacks – Trump’s numbers shot up after Paris –  because “people get afraid, and for good reasons,” Sanders said. “ISIS is a disgusting and barbaric organization, and we have seen what they have done in Paris, what they have done in Brussels, and they’re afraid of an attack in the United States.”

As his Dem rival Hillary Clinton had said earlier in the day – except to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer who was less amusing – Sanders told Kimmel,  “We have to protect our own nation with better intelligence sharing, making sure we stop young people from becoming terrorists through social media.”

Sanders’ appearance was taped at Kimmel’s Hollywood studio before Western Tuesday results showed Clinton pounded Sanders in the Arizona primary. But, the Vermont senator beat Clinton in caucuses in both Idaho, and in Utah – a state that “is not particularly friendly territory for Donald Trump because most of the voters there are sober,” Kimmel joked during his show opening.

Before the show taped, Sanders drove his Secret Service team crazy walking on Hollywood Blvd. talking to tourists:

Kimmel noted Sanders seems like a serious person, and worried,  “If you are elected president, will we still have the Easter egg roll?”

“Only if all of the children are very, very serious about that roll. No frivolity in my presidency – it’s all no work, no pleasure,” Sanders snarked.

Kicking off Tuesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the late night host told his studio audience  that former GOP VPOTUS candidate Sarah Palin is pitching a new reality-TV courtroom show. “The show doesn’t have a title yet but they’re thinking about calling it ‘Terrible Idea,’  he joked-but-not-really. “Unlike Judge Joe Brown or Judge Judy, Sarah Palin doesn’t have a law degree but she’s never been one to let a lack of qualification for a job slow her down. It’s a strange thing. People who wanted to run the county are now hosting reality shows and people who used to host reality shows now want to run the country. We live in a very confusing time.”

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