Sarah Palin Signs To Host Syndicated Court Show For ‘Mountain Men’ Producer

Former Alaska Governor, Vice Presidential candidate, Fox News contributor and reality star Sarah Palin is looking to return to television as the headliner of a new syndicated daytime court show. The project is not set up at an established syndicator but at the under-the-radar Warm Springs Prods., a Montana-based production company which produces unscripted shows, most notably, History’s Mountain Men. The collaboration stems from a strong relationship Palin had developed with Warm Springs Prods., which shares a lot of common ground with Palin, a staunch Second Amendment supporter and hunting enthusiast. The production company’s portfolio includes such programs as NRA All Access, NRA’s Guns & Gold, Friends of NRA, Gun Gurus and Deadly Shootouts.

Palin has teamed on the show with two former top executives in the daytime space, Larry Lyttle, president of Big Ticket Prods — now part of CBS — the company behind daytime court shows Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown, and Barry Wallach, former president of NBCUniversal Domestic TV Distribution.

Details of the show, created by Lyttle, who will serve as showrunner, and Warm Springs, are still being worked out but it is expected to stay close to the traditional syndicated court show. Unlike most TV judges, Palin has no legal background, with the producers looking to appeal to people seeking a common sense in the courtroom. They also are looking to capitalize on the big social media following of the former politician, who has been back on the presidential campaign trail stumping for Donald Trump.

The court show, first reported by People magazine, will be pitched directly to TV stations shortly. It will be sold by Wallach and former CBS TV Distribution regional sales manager Lee Villas. Also coming up soon is the filming of the pilot as the project is still in the concept stage.

On TV, Palin previously headlined TLC’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska.


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