President Barack Obama Teams Up With Cuban Comedian Panfilo; ‘Saturday Night Live’ Needn’t Worry

Embajada de Estados Unidos en Cuba

President Barack Obama mostly keeps a straight face in this comedy clip with the very popular Cuban comedian Panfilo, and, frankly, it’s not hard to see why. Let’s just say humor doesn’t always translate. (No offense to the Havana-based comics fans – we’re pretty sure most of the skits from this season’s Saturday Night Live wouldn’t survive a trip to Cuba; they barely survive here). In any case, a little background: Panfilo’s weekly, Monday-night TV comedy show has been a mainstay since 2008 and is watched by about two-thirds of the Cuban people. Panfilo, whose real name is Luis Silva, has had a running joke lately in which he attempts to phone Obama, only to be rebuffed time and again. Only this time, with Obama’s three-day stay in Cuba marking the first time a sitting U.S. president has made the trip in 88 years, the President actually takes the call. Obama, no doubt pleased with his popularity there, taped the bit Friday for his arrival in Cuba today. You can watch the results above, and remember, humor is subjective. Very, very subjective.


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