‘Zootopia’ A Flash Away From $600M WW; China Welcomes ‘The Revenant’ With $31M Bow – Intl B.O. Final

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cinemaworld4th UPDATE, writethru: The animals of Zootopia continue to run wild, ruling the international box office with a weekend kitty estimated at $65M. In this sixth session of overseas release, Disney Animation Studios’ tale of anthropomorphic critters brought the offshore cume to just shy of $400M ($390M) and the global total to $591M, with $600M coming up fast. China maintained its love affair with the furry folks — especially Flash the sloth, who has become a local social media star — and added almost $2M more than expected with $40.1M in the third frame for a total $174.9M to date. That sends it past Monkey King: Hero Is Back and Kung Fu Panda 3 to become the biggest animated title ever in China.

Finals are in on several films, but so far Zootopia, The Revenant (and all Fox titles) as well as Warner Bros, Paramount, Sony and Universal Pictures. Still waiting on others.

leo china revenantElsewhere in the Middle Kingdom, Leonardo DiCaprio (aka Little Lee) rode into Beijing today to attend the premiere of The Revenant, which already had begun muscular play on Friday. I reported yesterday that the film was eyeing a $30M+ start and final tallies now show the three-day was worth an excellent $34.9M in the PROC. Its playing in 51 markets. That brings the offshore cume to $300.5M as the worldwide total nears $500M.

Interesting to note this session that, despite China’s presence as a box office driver for Hollywood, it’s the first in a long time without a local Chinese pic in the Top 10. There is a foreign movie in the mix, but it hails from India. FoxStar and Fox International Productions’ family dramedy, Kapoor & Sons, bowed No. 1 at home and had a $5.9M overseas weekend in 11 markets (more on that below in the local-language roundups).

Meanwhile, coming out of its sophomore session, The Divergent Series: Allegiant still doesn’t have a China date, but with that being the top market on last year’s Insurgent, it could use a Middle Kingdom jolt. The penultimate pic in the YA franchise added 32 markets this frame to take the total to 77, and pledge a further $22.3M. That’s a roughly 13% drop from its opening session, which was in just 45 markets last week. The offshore cume is now $54M. Comparatively, after two weekends of its run in 76 markets, Insurgent last year was at $92.3M overseas (after a 40% first-to-second-frame drop). Outside China, France consistently has been the biggest market for Tris & Co. The film held No. 1 there this weekend and has an $8.1M total vs Insurgent’s $10.6M at the same point in 2015.

There were no major new releases this frame, though along with the above expansions, Kung Fu Panda 3 added 40 more markets, taking No. 1  in 30 and an additional $34.6M. Th offshore cume is now $259.9M, with Belgium, Australia and New Zealand on deck next weekend.

See below for breakdowns on the above and more.

zootopia 2With a zooper-duper $65M 6th offshore frame, Disney’s animated animal charmer is feeling the warmth of strong word of mouth as it continues to play in 49 markets — which do not yet include the UK or Japan. Currently, China is tops, having grossed $174.9M to date. The weekend there was worth $40.1M for a 33% decline after the 2nd session jumped 139% last week. The total in the Middle Kingdom makes it the biggest animated film of all time, unseating Kung Fu Panda 3 which itself only recently outpaced Monkey King: Hero Is Back for the title. Zootopia, from helmers Byron Howard and Rich Moore, is nearly seven times bigger in China than its next closest market. No. 2 France is at $25.5M after the weekend. The Supe-Zooper’s international cume is now $390M to date with a global haul of $591M.

Major new bows this frame were in Australia and Brazil where it led the box office. In Oz, Zootopia opened to an estimated $3.6M, making it the 3rd highest Disney Animation debut ever behind Frozen and Tangled. In Brazil, Judy, Nick & Flash opened to an estimated $2.6M and the 2nd highest Disney Animation bow ever there behind Frozen. Dis notes the score is “very encouraging” given the frame saw political demonstrations throughout the country. Zootopia also opened in Ukraine this weekend as the 2nd highest Disney start ever, behind The Force Awakens, and the 2nd highest animated opening of all time.

While the Zoo is outstripping Frozen domestically, the comp is harder to discern for the moment offshore. Japan, for example, repped $250M of Frozen‘s take but doesn’t open Zootopia until April 23. In China, however, the movie is already about 3.5 times bigger than Frozen was. Holds in Europe this week were very good: Netherlands +7%, Spain -6%, Belgium -11%, France -16% and Sweden -37%. In Germany ($16.2M cume), Zootopia held off all new releases to clearly maintain No. 1. In Russia, it’s now the No. 5 all-time industry release with $24.9M. Elsewhere, Korea jumped for the 2nd frame in a row, this time by 7% ($18M cume), as did Malaysia (+35%), Singapore (+8%) and Taiwan (+1%). In Latin America, the overall drop-off for the region was 30%, with Mexico slipping just 19%.

Next weekend, the UK, Israel and Hong Kong join the party.

The RevenantAfter originally being unleashed overseas in early January, The Revenant bore down on China and secured not only the No. 2 position for the weekend there, but also the No. 2 spot at the international box office with a total $34.9M from Fox. The Middle Kingdom total of $31M on 10K screens was greatly aided by the local mania for Leonardo DiCaprio who was there today for the post-release premiere. The IMAX portion was $2.3M on 278 screens.

The film’s China release is a win for New Regency which sold the Middle Kingdom distribution rights to Guandong Alpha Animation and Culture as part of a three-picture deal and in exchange for a piece of equity. Alpha then partnered with Bona Film and Huaxia to distribute, marking a change for New Regency whose previous prestige award winners like Birdman and 12 Years A Slave never saw the inside of a PROC theater.

Fox has the film in the rest of the world. All told, the international cume is now $300M which gives DiCaprio his 3rd best ever overseas behind Inception ($533M) and a movie about a sinking ship. Globally, the cume is $481.1M for The Revenant. Japan is the final market for the film and that opens on April 22.

kung fu panda 3 twoKicking into gear in 40 new international markets this weekend, the Fox release of DreamWorks Animation/DreamWorks Oriental’s KFP3 added $34.6M (up from the Sunday estimate of $31.8M) from 12,847 screens in 63 markets. Of those, 30 gave Po & Co the No. 1 slot, notably Italy where they punched up a $3.6M opening on 809 screens to best Monsters University by 2% and How To Train Your Dragon 2 by 25%. Germany ($1.8M from 1,143) and Hong Kong ($1.37M from 97) also had solid starts while Argentina ($1.27M from 324) scored the biggest opening weekend ever for a Dreamworks Animated title. In holds, Mexico and the UK saw great results, maintaining No. 1 with $2.8M and $2.47M, respectively for $9.35M and $10M cumes. The international cume is now $259.9M with Belgium, Australia and New Zealand coming up. Globally, it tips the $400M mark today.

THE DIVERGENT SERIES: ALLEGIANTLionsgate’s threequel added 32 markets this frame to take the total to 77. They were worth $22.3M for a 13% drop from the opening last week. On 139 IMAX screens, the gross was $400K ($1.4M cume). The rollout here is different than on Insurgent which went day-and-date in 76 markets last year. This year the idea was to take advantage of school holidays by going out early last frame in 45, but the film is running into strong animated competition as well as currency headwinds, poor critical reception, a lack of 3D and what looks like franchise fatigue. While Italy is up from Insurgent, the rest of international is trailing which could ultimately land it in the middle — ahead of Divergent, but No. 2 for the series. There’s still a question mark lingering over China.

In new plays, Allegiant started with $2.5M and No. 2 in Mexico where Kung Fu Panda 3 held the No. 1 spot in its sophomore session. Germany bowed to $1.2M behind Zootopia and KFP3.

France is currently the top overseas market and has always been either No. 1 or 2 in the final tally. Allegiant is No. 1 there this weekend, but running lower than Insurgent was at this point in 2015 ($8.3M v $10.6M). Brazil is currently the No. 2 play with $5M to date. Insurgent got a major surge there after Shailene Woodley became a local darling following The Fault In Our Stars‘ mega-success in summer 2014. It ended the Brazil run with about $12.3M.

Lionsgate has foreign output deals abroad and, as my colleague Anthony D’Alessandro has reported, rivals believe that Allegiant‘s pre-sales are in the neighborhood of $75M-$80M. The offshore cume is now $54M for a global cume of $83M. Australia is the next major play, on April 14.

We do not yet have a breakdown for London Has Fallen, although comScore reports it at $10M for the weekend and a $45M cume in 44 markets. More info to come on Monday.

Lionsgate’s swords and sandals pic is approaching an offshore cume of $100M with $98.3M to date. It added $6.17M from 74 markets this frame with a China total of $32.6M after two weeks. There are still some major markets including France (on April 6) and Germany (on April 21) to release on the pic that has just under $30M Stateside since debuting at the end of last month. The global cume is $127.8M on a reported $140M production budget. It won’t get to the UK until June.

deadpool-suitIn its 6th frame, Fox’s sassy anti-superhero shimmied to another $6.39M from 4,323 screens in 62 markets. The international cume is approaching $400M, currently standing at $390M. It’s sticking like spandex in a number of markets this late in the run, including the UK which was down 46% from last weekend for a cume of $52.7M; Germany, down 35% with a $23.4M cume; Australia, also down 35% for $28.9M to date; and France which is down 46% for $28.2M. In Brazil, Ryan Reynolds fronts the now 4th highest-grossing Fox title ever at a skosh under $20M. Globally, its cume is now $730.9M. Japan is the final market to release on June 3.

After bowing in just six international markets last frame, Paramount’s spinoff added a further five and grossed $5.1M. The offshore cume is now $7.3M. The UK bowed an impressive No. 2 with $2.3M at 520 locations. The result is above Par comps that include Disturbia (+189%) and Contagion (+26%). France found $1.2M from 277 cinemas; 17% over Disturbia. In holdover engagements, Australia dipped 42% for a $2.2M cume; the Netherlands lost just 27% for $459K to date and New Zealand slid 29% for a total $279K. The staggered offshore release of the J.J. Abrams sci-fi thriller production sees key expansion week after next in Russia, Germany, and Thailand among others. Its global cume is now $52.4M.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest picked up $2.65M from over 2,600 screens in 38 total markets. Sony reports the international cume to date is $16.76M (including Village Roadshow markets). These are the highlights: Spain was a new play with $417K from 286 screens; Russia added $459K in the sophomore session for a $1.7M cume and the UK has reached $6.86M after four weekends. The global cume so far is $22.6M. On the horizon are Italy and France in April.

The Coen brothers’ Universal ensemble amassed another $2M in 35 territories this weekend and raised the international total to $27.2M. The Philippines was the only new play with a limited release of 20 dates and a take of $16K. There are six territories to open over the next three month with Korea notably due this week. Globally, its cume is $57.2M.

the witchSleeper thriller The Witch rode her broomstick to another $1.2M in 11 Universal territories for an early total of $4M. The 2015 Sundance sensation is scaring up solid business in openings in Australia, Bolivia, Egypt, Estonia, Lebanon, the Middle East and the UAE. Notably, it’s stirring the pot in Egypt where the Robert Eggers-helmed pic bowed No. 1 with $108K at 13 dates. That’s the 4th biggest opening ever for Universal and the 14th of all time in the market. In its Oz bow, The Witch was the top film at each of its six dates, grossing $120K. Globally, its cume has brewed $27.7M to date. There are 11 more releases planned over the next several months.

Fox’s Eddie The Eagle bowed in China this past weekend to fly in with $332K. Its total cume in two markets is $409K on 2,240 screens. Globally, its cume is $15.1M.

high riseBen Wheatley’s adaptation of JG Ballard novel High-Rise collected $789K in its UK debut this weekend. Studiocanal is releasing locally and I understand this is in line with expectations. Wheatley has a strong following in Britain with a resumé that includes A Field In England and Sightseers. High-Rise has a shot at being his highest-profile to date with Stateside release due in late April. It stars Tom Hiddleston who is super-busy and super-hot right now thanks to his turn in the BBC/AMC’s The Night Manager which is drawing comparisons to James Bond. Sienna Miller, Luke Evans, Jeremy Irons and Elisabeth Moss also star in the story of life in an apartment building run amok. It gets more play at the end of the month, in Korea, followed by France in early April. Reviews have been stellar in the UK. Wheatley’s next, Free Fire, ups the ante with Room Oscar-winner Brie Larson starring. A24 recently took over from Alchemy in the U.S. but has not yet dated.

How To Be Single (WB): $1.5M weekend; $49.1M international cume; $95M global cume
Room (UNI): $1.1M weekend in 18 Universal markets; $8.46M int’l; $22.9M global
The Danish Girl (UNI): $959K weekend ($425K from Japan); $50.2M int’l; $61.3M global
13 Hours (PAR): $695K weekend; $11.7M int’l; $64.5M global
The Big Short (PAR): $577K weekend; $61.1M int’l cume; $131.1M global
The Lady In The Van (SONY): 3rd Australia frame brings local total to $5.2M; $27M int’l; $35.7M global
Point Break (WB): $25.4M int’l; $54.1M global
(WB): $63.8M int’l; $173.5M global
Ride Along 2 (UNI): $30.8M int’l; $121.3M global

kapoor and sonsFrom Fox Star and Fox International Productions, Bollywood family dramedy Kapoor & Sons – Since 1921 was the big release at the India box office with $5.4M for No. 1. In total, in 11 offshore markets, it brought in $5.68M. With $986K at 143 locations in the U.S., it is the biggest Bollywood opener of the year, topping the $879K of Akshay Kumar’s Airlift. The Indian haul is working off of great word of mouth and reviews. Sidharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt, Rishi Kapoor, Fawad Khan and Sanjay Dutt star in the pic from powerhouse producer Karan Johar. The story about a dysfunctional family sees two estranged brothers forced to return to their childhood home when their 90-year-old grandfather has a heart attack. While living under one roof, family secrets unravel and misunderstandings are on the verge of turning into tragedy. Chaos, humor, heartache and redemption follow. The global cume so far is $7.65M.

In Germany, Der geilste Tag, aka The Hottest Day, landed the No. 3 spot this weekend, behind Zootopia and Kung Fu Panda 3. From director Florian David Fitz and starring big local box office draw Matthias Schweighofer, it’s a buddy comedy released by Warner Bros.

In Argentina, i married an idiotlocal romcom, Me Casé Con un Boludo (I Married An Idiot), bested the launch of Kung Fu Panda 3 (which itself had the biggest DreamWorks Animation debut ever at $1.2M) and is leading the box office. From writer/director Juan Taratuto, it opened this weekend although we don’t yet have an exact figure. The film reunites the director with his A Boyfriend For My Wife stars Adrián Suar and Valeria Bertuccelli and reviews are strong.

In Russia, Universal is releasing Smeshariki 2, an animated sequel that grossed $1.7M in its debut. That was good for No. 3 and came just below the original 2011 film that was based on the TV series that features rounded animals and is aimed at young kids. It’s known as Kikoriki in English.

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