CNN Hosting All Candidates On Night Of Canceled Debate; FNC Books GOP Ones – Update


UPDATE with Fox News plans: CNN said today it will host all five presidential candidates, including Donald Trump and John Kasich, on Monday, March 21 from 8-11 PM ET. That’s the night Fox News Channel had announced the next GOP debate, only to pull the plug two days later when Trump said he would not show up, and Kasich said “me neither”  – or words to that effect. The date was picked because it’s just before the ‘Western Tuesday’ primary contests in Arizona, Utah and Idaho.

When he ixnayed that GOP Salt Lake City debate date with Fox, Trump’s camp explained their guy already had agreed to deliver a speech in Washington, D.C. Trump added, for good measure, that America has had enough debates, which is what you’d expect a candidate who didn’t do so well at the last one to say.

Anyway, in a case of the mountain coming to Muhammad, Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer will interview Trump in Washington that night to accommodate his speech-giving. They’ll also interview Kasich and Ted Cruz on the GOP side, and, on the Dem side, Hillary Clinton from the network’s D.C. digs; all of them, like Trump, are speaking at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference in Washington, happening Sunday through Tuesday. Only Clinton’s rival Bernie Sanders is not participating, and CNN will interview him from the campaign trail. Some of the interviews will be live; some taped shortly before telecast.

But, if you want to consume your candidate interviews early on Monday night, Bret Baier is doing one-on-one interviews with Kasich and Cruz at 6 PM ET on Fox News Channel’s Special Report.

Oops! Blitzer just announced he’s going to talk to Trump at 5 PM ET Monday on The Situation Room. No word if it’s live, taped, or one of Trump’s trademark phoned-in speed-interviews.

Undaunted, Megyn Kelly’s got the sorta-Mitt-Romney-endorsed Cruz, live, at 9 PM Monday. And, Trump will star in one-hour Sean Hannity sit-down special to discuss immigration in Arizona, at 10 PM that night.

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