Brett Ratner Joins Growing Filmmaker Chorus Against Screening Room Day & Date Home Movie Service

EXCLUSIVE: Add director/producer Brett Ratner to the growing list of filmmakers who have come out against Screening Room, Sean Parker’s proposed day-and-date major studio in-home service. After a group of elite filmmakers including Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson and JJ Abrams came out in support of a service that is still being shown to studios and exhibitors, James Cameron, Jon Landau Christopher Nolan and Roland Emmerich have all expressed their concerns about changing the status quo windowing system for theatrical releases.

Like Emmerich, Ratner was among the long list of directors who signed NATO’s open letter against a premium video on demand novel that was proposed by DirectTV. “I said it in 2011 and it’s even more true now, I’m a firm believer in the importance of protecting the theatrical window,” Ratner said. “The home market is important too, but it must be in its proper sequence. This alternate form of distribution would destroy the exclusive theatrical window which is one of the crucial elements – along with the best possible presentation, the social experience, and the sense of a unique event theatrical creates – that drives the value of the entire distribution chain. There may be certain movies that will lend themselves to this platform, but I am still a firm believer, and as a movie going fan will always support the traditional theatrical experience ”

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