Simon Cowell, IM Global Boarding Beatles Pic ‘A Life In The Day’

EXCLUSIVE: Simon Cowell is boarding the Beatles pic A Life in the Day. Cowell is coming on-board as a producer via his SyCo production company run by Adam Milano. Cowell will partner with Stuart Ford’s IM Global, who have optioned Tony Gittelson’s script, which tells the true story of Epstein who, while selling records out of his father’s appliance store in Liverpool, discovered a band he swore he could make, “Bigger then Elvis!”. That band was, of course, The Beatles. Though he had no prior experience, Epstein convinced the band to make him their manager and sparked a music, and cultural, revolution. Epstein lived an epic life, but he had many conflicts – including his sexual identity and his conservative upbringing. He remained The Beatles manager until his sudden death, reputedly of a drug overdose, at the age of 32 in 1967.  Epstein was known affectionately as the fifth Beatle.

The BeatlesDavid Permut (Hacksaw Ridge) and former TWC production head Dylan Sellers are producing. Deadline wrote about the project last year when Nicholas Hoult and Jack O’Connell were circling as Epstein and Lennon respectively. The producers are looking to bring on a big name director first before confirming any cast news.  Reps for IM Global declined to comment on the developments.

This one will likely come together pretty quickly now that Cowell is on-board, with Cannes a natural place to launch this officially with a director and cast in tow. Cowell is a natural fit for this project and will bring to the table his formidable musical and marketing acumen that has allowed him to build global franchises in the Idol, X Factor and Got Talent series’, not to mention launching a host of successful music acts such as One Direction and Susan Boyle.

The Beatles were in the news again recently following the passing of long-time producer George Martin.

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