Fox Offers Advertisers Programmatic Sales And Cross Platform Guarantees

Advertisers attending Fox’s upfront presentation this year can expect two sales pitches. One for its new shows. And another, based on an announcement this morning, for different ways to make ad deals — not necessarily based on Nielsen data.

The changes constitute a suite of what Fox Advanced Ad Products calls “data-enhanced buying tools” collectively branded as Audience Insights Manager (AIM).

“Fox has never been afraid to be different and this is a bold step towards changing the conversation from efficiency to effectiveness,” says Toby Byrne. “AIM enables brands to transcend traditional industry metrics to better target their audience and deliver their message.”

The package has four components.

Fox’s Optimized Audience Read will use the network’s data to recommend where ads should go to help companies reach their targets.

The Target Audience Guarantee assures buyers that they’ll reach a particular number of viewers that they want across Fox’s networks.

The Multi-Platform Guarantee does much the same thing, but also includes nonlinear TV properties.

And Linear Programmatic Buying gives advertisers the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon to use computers that make deals on the fly. Advertisers put in their requirements, including how much they’re willing to pay, and the machines handle the rest inside what Fox describes as a “private marketplace.”

The new offerings suggest that Fox is making peace with digital media — which the company vigorously attacked in last year’s upfront presentation. In a recorded routine, actor Rob Lowe noted that TV ads fill the entire screen while online ads sometimes just fill “half the picture for a fraction of the time.” His bit warned advertisers not to “buy crappy online video where you don’t know what you’re getting.”


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