Donald Trump Condemned As “Political Arsonist”, “Pathological Liar” At CNN Town Hall


Donald Trump loomed large at CNN’s Democratic town hall tonight.

Host Jake Tapper began his Q&A with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton by posing a question about the Republican front-runner, and the violence and disruption that dominated Trump’s weekend rallies. Trump has blamed Friday night’s violence at his canceled Chicago rally on protesters and Bernie Sanders. The next day, Trump was rushed by a protester at his Dayton International Airport rally in Vandalia, OH, though the man was arrested before he could jump the stage, as Secret Service surrounded the real estate mogul-slash-reality-TV star.

“Donald Trump is responsible for what happens at his events,” Clinton¬†insisted. “I do think what Trump has done is like a case of political arson. He has lit the fire and then throws up his hands and says he shouldn’t be held responsible.

“It is clear that Donald Trump is running a very cynical campaign, pitting groups of Americans against one another. He is trafficking in hate and fear,” Clinton said during the event at Ohio State University in Columbus. “He actually incites violence in the way he urges his audience on, talking about punching people, offering to pay legal bills.”

A Trump presidency would be “dangerous,” Clinton said, “for our standing, our safety and the peace of the world.” The former Secretary of State argued she’s best prepared to deal with Trump in a general election, saying, “I’m already receiving messages from foreign leaders asking if they can endorse me, to stop Donald Trump.”

Sanders, meanwhile, called Trump “a pathological liar” when asked about Trump’s charge he was behind Friday’s violence in Chicago.

“Our campaign does not believe in and never will encourage anybody to disrupt anything,” he said.

“Donald trump is literally inciting violence with his supporters,” Sanders said of Trump’s weekend offer to pay the legal costs of the septuagenarian rally-goer who recently sucker punched a protester being led away by authorities. “He is saying, ‘If you go out and beat somebody up that’s okay. I will pay the legal fees.’ That is an outrage. You heard this individual who sucker punched somebody‚ĶHe said, ‘Well next time I might have to kill him.’ And this is the guy that Trump is going to be paying legals fees for?”

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