‘Allegiant’ Pledges $25.2M; ‘Zootopia’ Hops With $89.3M 5th Frame – Intl B.O. Update

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cinemaworld3rd UPDATE, MONDAY, 3:28 PM: Zootopia grabbed a big $6M more than expected from the weekend estimate due to a big turnout in China, where it pushed past the $100M mark. That puts the international cume for the animated family gem at $295M through the weekend and raises the global cume to $439M. The big opener this weekend was Lionsgate’s The Divergent Series: Allegiantwhich was off about $1.5M from Sunday’s estimates to bring in a total of $25.2M. For comparisons to the last in the franchise, see below as the number of territories are different. Also opening day-and-date with the U.S. debut was Paramount’s 10 Cloverfield Lane, which has a global total of about $26.2M in its first weekend. Lionsgate reported on Gods Of Egypt and that is now included.

Anita Busch updated on Monday.

2ND UPDATE, 4:40 PM PT: After being edged out for the top spot last week by the now-embattled Hong Kong actioner Ip Man 3, Zootopia claimed No. 1 international box office bragging rights this frame — thanks in large part to China. In its 2nd week of PROC release, the Disney charmer jumped 139% from last session’s opening in what is a rare feat in that market. With a $56.5M weekend, the Middle Kingdom total is now $109M, setting the film on a potential path to becoming the biggest animated movie ever there.

Zootopia led the international weekend on a final total $89.3M ($6M better from the estimated $83.1M), followed by Kung Fu Panda 3 in a big offshore expansion and a $28.1M frame. Next up was the only wide newcomer, The Divergent Series: Allegiant, which aimed for a revolution in 45 markets and came up with $26.7M. Some of the returns, notably in the UK and Brazil (see below) were lackluster, while there were local currency increases in other territories. This film is not currently dated in China, but Lionsgate’s other international player, Gods Of Egypt, benefited from a $20M start in the Middle Kingdom and took a total of $25.9M to give it the No. 4 spot overseas.

Rounding out the Top 5 is Ip Man 3 which comScore (formerly Rentrak) reports at $13M in four territories. The movie, which was the offshore winner last frame on $75M (insert grain of salt), has been plagued by controversy all week. It is reportedly being investigated for falsely inflating last weekend’s box office by buying tickets for what are being called ghost screenings that had no bodies in auditoriums. That’s contrasted by The Mermaid which several weeks ago became the biggest grossing movie ever in China and has not faced any of the scandal that surrounds Ip Man 3, or the previous Middle Kingdom champ, Monster Hunt. The Mermaid is beginning to peter out, however, and has about $518M to date.

The coming frame has no major new releases, although The Revenant will ride into China as Allegiant expands to 29 more markets and hits the U.S., and KFP3 kicks off in 40 more plays. The following weekend sees Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice go out day-and-date pretty much all over the globe, including China.

See below the original post for an update on local language movies this week and check back for actuals early in the week.

UPDATE, writethru: Coming one week ahead of its March 18 domestic release, Lionsgate’s The Divergent Series: Allegiant hit 45 overseas markets this frame for an estimated opening of $25.2M on 6,311 screens. That’s the low end of some pre-weekend industry projections, though some individual markets saw decent local currency increases from last year’s entry, Insurgent. While Allegiant was the only wide opener in offshore markets this session, it finds itself facing off with Disney’s Zootopia, which keeps multiplying like rabbits at $89.3M in the frame — way up from last weekend — for an overseas cume to date of $295M.

Traditionally, the top markets for the Divergent franchise have been France and China. A China date has yet to be confirmed on Allegiant — and anyway, Lionsgate was busy opening Gods Of Egypt in the Middle Kingdom this frame, lacing an estimated $20M into its sandals — but France did catch the film with a No. 1 bow of $5M. That’s versus Insurgent’s $6M start last year. Allegiant also scored No. 1s in Brazil, Italy, Spain and Benelux.

Each of those films, plus 10 Cloverfield Lane, had an IMAX component which led to a around $9.8M worldwide take across the large format network this frame.

In expansions, Kung Fu Panda 3 came out punching as it moved to the UK and Mexico, among others, with a final $28.1M weekend ($219M intl cume). That, coupled with Deadpool‘s $11.3M frame ($380M intl cume) helped push 20th Century Fox International across the $1B mark this weekend. That’s the 7th time in the past eight years that the milestone has been reached first. It’s also the 2nd fastest the studio has crossed the threshold after 2010, when Avatar helped Fox say, “I see you, $1B” on January 30 that year. Also in the Fox mix is The Martian which crossed $400M at the international box office thanks to the ongoing awesome run in Japan. It grossed about $723K there this frame to bring the cume to $27.8M; overtaking fellow space epic, Gravity. The total overseas is now $401M.

Part of the reason for going early with Allegiant as compared to last year’s day-and-date Insurgent debut in 76 markets was to take advantage of school holidays abroad. And, foreign distributors are having to sidestep Disney’s family juggernaut Zootopia as it hops up grosses around the globe. Insurgent opened to $48.4M last year in those 76 markets while Allegiant ran up $25.2M (slightly less than theh $26.7M estimated on Sunday) in 45 this frame. Domestically, there was a drop of about $20M between the ultimate tallies of the first two movies in the series, but international grew from $137.9M to $167M with each market seeing local currency increases (important to note in a world where the dollar’s strength creates exchange headwinds). Individual market bows on Allegiant saw local currency increases in Russia ($3M), Italy and Spain (each $1.7M and $1.58M).

THE DIVERGENT SERIES: ALLEGIANTFrance, which was the top offshore market for Divergent and the 2nd best play on Insurgent (after China) grabbed a No. 1 opening of $5M versus Insurgent’s $6M last year. The next best debuts were in Russia ($3M), Brazil ($2.7M), the UK ($2.6M) and Spain and Italy.

Brazil is a notable market which soared from Divergent to Insurgent after Shailene Woodley’s The Fault In Our Stars became a massive summer sleeper in 2014. But the Allegiant number is somewhat disappointing as was the UK reception with Kung Fu Panda 3 throwing its weight around there. Brazil is unlikely to get any better with Zootopia due there next frame. On Allegiant, 29 more markets will bow this week, including Germany and Mexico, giving a better sense of the picture.

10 CLOVERFIELD LANEWith a $24.7M domestic opening, Paramount’s anthology entry also bowed in six international markets, bringing $1.5M into the bunker. Australia was tops at No. 4 and $1M at 207 dates. Per Par, the result is below its comps of Disturbia (-2%) and Contagion (-11%). The Netherlands bowed at No. 6 with $227K from 58 cinemas. That’s 4% above Disturbia and 3% below Contagion. New Zealand launched at No. 2 with $144K at 49 sites; +44% on Disturbia and in step with Contagion. Although each of the markets opened below 2008’s Cloverfield on a dollar basis, the spinoff has a shot at some decent returns internationally after the first film found about $91M in offshore markets. The best of those was the UK, followed by Japan and France. It will benefit from kids being out of school for the Easter holidays, but Batman and Superman are also looming on the horizon. The staggered offshore release of the J.J. Abrams sci-fi thriller production adds France, Belgium, Switzerland, the UK and Spain in the next frame.

Doing the bunny hop across the $100M mark in China, Disney’s animal-inhabited metropolis had an $83.1M 5th weekend in 45 territories representing approximately 75% of the international marketplace. That’s an increase of 25% from last frame with no new markets opening. The offshore cume is now $288.7M — even before Australia, Brazil, Japan or the UK launch. The worldwide total to date is $431.32M. China, as noted yesterday, saw massive F-S jumps in its sophomore session. The final weekend tally of $56.5M is a 139% increase on the opening. The cume there is now $109M, making Zootopia the top Disney or Pixar animated release ever in the Middle Kingdom and the No. 3 animated film of all time behind Kung Fu Panda 3 and Monkey King: Hero Is Back. In another feat, Zootopia also posted the biggest and second biggest single-day result ever for an animated title in the PROC.

The top market outside China is France with $23.8M, followed by Russia ($20.6M), Korea ($14.7M) and Mexico ($14M). Notably, Korea jumped 17% to take the No. 1 slot for the weekend while Singapore and Taiwan were also up 15% and 10%, respectively. Germany was a 23% drop but maintained No. 1. In Russia, Zootopia is now the highest-grossing Disney Animation or Pixar release of all time and the top new IP animated release ever. Australia and Brazil bow next weekend.

We still have estimates on London Has Fallen‘s total weekend’s gross: $12M in 29 markets for a $29M final weekend cume to date. Opening markets this weekend included South Korea which grabbed $1.86M on 457 screens and Mexico (which have not posted grosses yet) as well as Germany/Austria which we show with with $1.2M on 280 screens. The reporting of grosses were sporadic last weekend because of the number of distributors involved around the globe, and the same thing is happening this weekend. In Italy on 320 sites, its total bank account shows $2.4M after two weekends in play. And in Singapore, where it is in its second weekend, its total cume is $991K and in its sophomore frame in Belgium/Luxembourg it took in another $538K on 47 screens. In the U.K., where it debuted last weekend, the cume there is now $9.3M which is higher than the entire run in this market of Olympus Has Fallen.

Kung Fu Panda 3In its first major expansion after opening in China, Korea and Russia in late January, Fox’s release of Kung Fu Panda 3 grabbed the No. 1 market share position in all 15 new plays this weekend. With $28.1M from 8,817 screens in 20 markets overall, the international cume has now been punched up to $219M. The UK led the launches in the session with $6.7M on 1,018 screens and up about 5% on KFP2 and 25% on How To Train Your Dragon 2. Mexico, with $4.9M on 2,554, also topped KFP2 by around 8% and HTTYD2 by 4%. In China, where it is the No. 1 animated film of all time, the cume is now $146M. Po & Co head to 40 new markets next weekend, including Germany and Italy.

gods of egyptIn its 3rd offshore chariot race, Lionsgate’s Gods Of Egypt picked up $25.9M in 73 markets, taking the cume to $80.5M internationally and a worldwide take of $108.4M. GOE got a big boost from China. While Zootopia is the winner by a mile there this weekend, the Gods commanded an estimated $20M for the No. 2 spot. The Middle Kingdom numbers put it on track to be among the higher grossing LGF titles there — it’s already set to best the last Hunger Games. However, The Revenant and Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice are around the corner, and this weekend in China was somewhat skewed owing to the scandal surrounding the allegedly inflated box office of last week’s champ Ip Man 3. Still to come for GOE are Belgium on March 30, followed by France and Germany in April.

After five weekends of international play, Fox’s Deadpool now has a touch-worthy $380M offshore cume. The current frame was worth $11.1M on 6,211 screens in 61 markets. The UK was the leader in the session, crossing $50M with $51.4M to date. That’s off about 34% drop. Also seeing slight drops were France (-39%/$27.3M cume) and Germany (-39%/$22.5M). After the UK, Australia is the top market ($27.8M), followed by France, Germany and Korea ($22.4M).

The RevenantA week before it rides into China, Fox’s Oscar darling trapped $6.7M from 3,370 screens in 31 markets. The international cume is a fantastic $263.9M. Holds are solid, with drops all less than 50% — and in some places where the Alejandro G Inarritu title has been playing for 10 frames. France is a relatively new play and held the No. 2 spot in its 3rd frame to bring the cume to $20.8M. Tops offshore is the UK with $33.4M to date, followed by Germany at $27.3M and now France.

The Coen brothers’ comedy added $3.8M in 36 territories this weekend, bringing the international total to $23.77M. Italy had a decent start with $1.1M at 350 dates for Universal and the No. 2 slot. After 10 days in the UK, the ensemble period pic now has a cume of $4.6M which is on pace with No Country For Old Men and Birdman. There are still 11 more territories to open over the next three months. The Philippines opens this week.

Best Picture Oscar winner Spotlight picked up an additional $3.7M this weekend, taking the cume to $38.2M overseas. The eOne international release has been enjoying good runs in the UK ($8.3M cume), France ($3.8M) and Spain ($3.4M) and still has three more markets to come including Japan on April 15.

Brothers Grimsby Flop Sacha Baron CohenWhile it gave Sacha Baron Cohen his lowest opening ever in North America, Sony’s The Brothers Grimsby has a staggered pattern overseas where it added $3.1M this frame from over 2,500 screens in 34 markets. The international cume to date is now $11.1M after three weekends. There were 13 new openings this go-round including Russia ($884K) and Germany ($573K/No. 6). The UK cume is $6.2M making it the lead market. SBC’s last film as lead, The Dictator, ultimately grossed about $18M in the home country. There are still some key markets to go including Spain, Italy, Mexico and France.

Warner Bros’ comedy picked up another $2.5M over the weekend from 1,598 screens, bringing the international cume to $46.3M. The top market cumes on the Dakota Johnson/Rebel Wilson pic include the UK at $7.7M, Australia with $6.7M and Taiwan at $3.4M. France was this frame in its second weekend and picked up about $581K for a cume of $1.9M. Germany should bring solid business when it hooks up with Single on April 7.

On the Universal side of Room box office, the weekend estimate is $1.4M. That takes the total to $6.77M. France was a new opener this week, grossing $401K at 178 dates. Uni’s remaining four territories open next weekend: Austria, Denmark, Germany and Sweden. We’ll have full numbers on the Brie Larson drama later today or tomorrow.

the witch 2The arthouse/horror thriller that Universal is distributing internationally, grossed an estimated $1.3M at 486 runs in four territories for an early offshore total of $2.2M and a $25.1M worldwide take. The UK bow on the 2015 Sundance sensation was strong with $645K at 288 dates. It placed No. 7 and lands at the top of comps like Oculus and The Forest. After opening last weekend in Brazil, the Robert Eggers-helmed pic expanded to 172 more dates, placing No. 5 with $645K and a total so far of $1.4M. There are 17 more releases planned over the next several months. Next weekend, the film opens in Australia and the UAE, among other plays.


The Lady in the Van (SONY) : $1.45M weekend, $25M international
Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Road Chip (FOX): $1.43M weekend; $145.8M international cume
The Danish Girl (UNI): $1.1M weekend; $48.7M international cume
Zoolander 2 (PAR): $1M weekend; $26.5M international cume
The Big Short (PAR): $825K weekend; $59.8M international cume
Joy (FOX): $723K weekend; $44.2M international cume (biggest David O Russell opening ever in Korea ($708K from 405)
13 Hours (PAR): $688K weekend; $10.9M international cumeRide Along 2 (UNI): $269K weekend; $30.5M international cume
Dirty Grandpa: (VARIOUS DISTRIBS) $51.3M international cume

cien anos de perdonFox International Production’s crime thriller Cien Anos De Perdon is a Spanish/Argentine/French co-pro that added $1.59M in the frame. The take was $1.25M in Spain and $341K from Argentina this weekend for a $4.5M cume. Titled One Hundred Years Of Forgiveness in English, the bank heist pic with elements of government corruption, is directed by Daniel Calparsoro. Also from FIP and Fox Star in India, biopic Neerja continues its strong local run with a No. 1 slot and the industry’s biggest 4th weekend ever. The cume is just shy of $15.8M. Moving over to Germany, Austria and Switzerland Universal’s release of German-language drama Anne Frank had a 2nd weekend of $519K for an 11-day total of $1.4M.

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