Mitt Romney Reads Mean Tweets For Jimmy Kimmel As Donald Trump Wins 3 More States


Hours after GOP frontrunner Donald Trump won Michigan and Mississippi presidential primaries, and Hawaii caucuses, 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney read mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel’s ABC late-night show.

This morning, Trump gave Romney’s JKL appearance a bad review, telling Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends the mean-tweets gag was “demeaning.”

“I don’t think he should have been reading the tweets — those negative tweets. Why is he doing that?”

The former businessman-turned-Massachusetts governor-turned failed presidential nominee has been getting loads of airtime as the face of the Republican Party’s anti-Trump movement. Just days earlier, Romney delivered a nationally-broadcast speech, blasting Trump as a fraud and a greedy, misogynistic bully whose third-grade theatrics disqualify him for the White House. Some political poobahs have credited Romney’s speech with helping Trump regain momentum last night, after suffering some primary losses on Saturday. So that went well.

Romney’s appearance on JKL was taped before last night’s voting results were in, but aired after.

“You’re just as handsome in real life as you appear to be on television,” Kimmel said at the start of the interview. “You have big hands too – I like that in a politician!”

“This is the first time I think anybody’s come to the show to stop someone from doing something,” Kimmel marveled.

Here’s the rest of the interview, in 2 parts:
Part 2:

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