Donald Trump’s Latest Endorsement: Ted Cruz’s Adult-Film Actress


The adult-film actress who caused Ted Cruz’s campaign to pull an ad attacking Marco Rubio returned to Jake Tapper’s CNN show, as promised, to announce who she was endorsing for president.

Donald Trump.

Amy Lindsay, who performed in such steamy movies as Carnal Wishes, Insatiable Desires and Timegate: Tales Of The Saddle Tramps — but also appeared in Star Trek: Voyager and the 1996 film The Portrait Of A Lady — said on The Lead With Jake Tapper this afternoon that she’s been a Trump fan since the 1980s when a college friend gave her a copy of his book The Art Of The Deal, which she said she “read voraciously over spring break.”

Lindsay, who previously described herself to Tapper as “fiscally conservative and maybe a little more socially liberal in some of my views,”also mentioned Trump’s website

‘I like what he stands for,” she insisted. “As I was having this adventure of the last couple weeks, people are really attacking him and lying about him, and I know how that feels.”

In February, Tapper landed the first, of many, interviews with Lindsay after Cruz’s campaign yanked an ad attacking Rubio after word got out of the actress’ film résumé. In the ad, Lindsay was the one who delivered the line to an actor playing the disillusioned Rubio fan, “Maybe you should vote for more than just a pretty face next time.”

“So you sympathize with him?” Tapper asked, incredulously.

“I do. He’s front-runner, but also become kind of an underdog,” Lindsay insisted.

“A lot of people don’t get a woman voting Republican in general; they say, ‘That’s nuts,’ ” Lindsay said. “Voting for Hillary Clinton, as a woman — to me that’s nuts.”

When the Cruz camp pulled the ad, Lindsay told Tapper she was not ready to announce which GOP candidate has her support but that Cruz still was in the mix. “He’s got a job to do, and I’m a middle-class working girl, and I had a job to do,” she explained graciously.

Today, Tapper wondered if Camp Cruz’s decision to pull her ad informed her decision to endorse Trump over the GOP hopeful from her home state of Texas.

“I think it has, a little bit, yeah,” Lindsay acknowledged. “I liked working on the Cruz ad,” she said, because she was “educated on what Ted Cruz stood for.” She made some news this afternoon, informing Tapper she’d actually made not one but six Cruz ads that will never see the light of day. “I haven’t been really happy with the way he has been going recently,” she said.

Tapper wound up the interview thanking her for giving him the exclusive. “You kept your word – unlike so many who tell us they’re going to  give us the big exclusive – you kept you word!” he enthused.

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