Sony Pictures TV Launches True Crime Channel In UK

Sony Pictures Television is launching True Crime in the UK on Freeview. The new channel will dedicate its grid to  crime related programming, making it the platform’s only dedicated crime channel.

True Crime will be the home to shows including Deadly Women, Crime 360, The Devil You Know and The 9/11 Faker as well as Dog the Bounty Hunter and Paternity Court. The move comes in the wake of increased interest in true crime stories and programming. American Crime Story’s season-long dramatisation of the O.J. Simpson murder trial, for example, has proved a critical and ratings winner for BBC 2 in the UK.

“True Crime will be a dedicated crime channel, where viewers who are fascinated by true life stories will be able to have everything in one place, said Sony’s evp of Western Europe Kate Marsh. “The channel further builds on the success of our Freeview channel portfolio and marks our commitment to the UK television market.”


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