Arnold Schwarzenegger Endorses Republican Candidate John Kasich, Snubbing His ‘Apprentice’ Predecessor

Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn’t exactly joined the Dump Trump party, but today the former Governator officially endorsed Ohio governor John Kasich for the Republican presidential nomination – snubbing the man who inaugurated the Celebrity Apprentice gig that Schwarzenegger will assume this spring. “I want John Kasich to be the next nominee of the Republicans and also to be the next president of the United States,” said Schwarzenegger in a Snapchat video posted late this morning. He subsequently joined Kasich at a Columbus, Ohio campaign stop this afternoon.

Schwarzenegger, set to take over hosting duties in season 8 of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, hasn’t commented one way or the other on his predecessor. But his endorsement of Kasich comes as the Republican Party is having quite the panic attack over the specter of a Donald Trump-topped GOP ticket this fall. Indeed, Thursday’s Republican Debate resembled a coordinated effort to kneecap Trump by focusing on his ego, his bankruptcies and shady business dealings, and even his genitals. Even so, the attack was undercut somewhat when each of the remaining republican contenders said they would still vote for Trump if he wins the nomination. Trump remains the front-runner in any case.

Celebrity Apprentice season 8 is set to air some time this spring.

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