‘Zootopia’ Is Disney Animation Champ; ‘Mermaid’ Makes History; Best Picture ‘Spotlight’ Wins Big – Int’l Box Office Final

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UPDATE, Monday, 3:36 PM writethru with updates: Final grosses are coming in now with six more films added this post-Oscar weekend and just received market-by-market breakdowns for London Has Fallen and grosses for The Brothers Grimsby. Meanwhile, in this post-Best Picture Oscar-winning weekend for Spotlight, the film about the Boston Globe‘s investigation into pedophile Catholic priests was warmly welcomed around the globe, posting double-digit increases in moviegoing. In Spain, the film saw a 599% jump in ticket sales. with Mexico seeing a massive 807% increase while Argentina grew by 363% and Brazil saw a mega-surge of 1,092%. These markets are, of course, heavily Catholic. And in Italy, home to The Vatican? Spotlight grossed another $1.1M — up 51%. Next weekend, the third installment of the Divergent franchise debuts, as does 10 Cloverfield Lane, while Gods Of Egypt tries to elbow its way into a crowded marketplace in China.

UPDATED several times throughout Sunday since 9:33 AM: At 6 PM, we finally started to see grosses for London Has Fallen in its 22 markets that included the UK, France, Italy and South Korea, and in some markets it is doing better than its 2013 predecessor Olympus Has Fallen. There will be a better sense of it tomorrow as results are still a bit sketchy (see below). Meanwhile, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ animated Zootopia stepped into China this weekend after bowing in Russia and Germany on Thursday to bring in a total of $64.7M. Added into the estimated $73.7M domestic bow, that means the litter critters took home a $139.7M global haul just this weekend for a total to date of about $235.1M.

In its fourth weekend of play internationally, the family film garnered Disney Animation and Pixar’s biggest openings ever in China, Russia, Germany and India. Stateside, it marked that animation studio’s best three-day opening ever, even beating its previous phenom Frozen. That follows last weekend’s opening records in both Germany and India, where it also opened to the biggest first weekend ever for a Disney Animation title. As we saw last week, holds were again extremely strong across all regions.

The local favorite and phenomenon The Mermaid crossed $500M in China (to $512.6M) — the first time that a film has hit that mark in a single territory outside the U.S. We now have updates for a slew of other films, including Best Picture Oscar winner Spotlight which was nearing the end of its box office run both stateside and abroad when it took home the statue.

The other opener internationally was London Has Fallen. ComScore (formerly Rentrak) has reported that it opened in 22 markets this weekend to take just $12M. Worldwide, that means it is currently at $33.7M. We have preliminary numbers from NuImage below.

Zootopia leapt into China, Russia and Germany this weekend and played on 355 IMAX screens overseas to become the biggest film for Disney Animation Studios across all three markets. China posted $23.6M for the three-day weekend, which makes it the biggest Disney Animation or Pixar opening there. In China, IMAX accounted for $3M on 278 screens, which marked the second-best animated opening in the market, second only to DreamWork’s Kung Fu Panda 3 (that brought in $3.7M).

It opened to No. 2 in China, behind local actioner IP Man 3 which grossed an estimated three-day opening of about $75M to become the No. 2 player in the international marketplace (see below).

Zootopia_China_Promo_4In comparison to other animated titles that debuted in China, Kung Fu Panda 3 (which opened last month) actually set the overall record as the biggest three-day bow ever for an animated pic with $58.3M. It opened last month and has a running total of $145.6M there. The previous title holder was Minions which opened on a Sunday in September and went on to a total $68.5M.

In Russia, Zootopia hauled in $7.9M, again representing the biggest Disney Animation or Pixar opening in the market ever and stepping into the No. 1 spot for the weekend. Kung Fu Panda 3 opened to $5M during a flu epidemic in the country last month. Germany posted $6.8M opening, surpassing both Frozen and Tangled to register the highest grossing opening weekend ever for a Disney Animation title and placing — again — No. 1 for the weekend.

Zootopia also opened in India this weekend to a biggest ever Disney Animation opening there. The animated favorite was also No. 1 in Austria, Switzerland, Portugal and South Africa. The film became the highest grossing Disney Animation or Pixar release ever in Thailand, and Latin America continues its excellent run (open everywhere except Brazil) by being No. 1 in all territories there for the third weekend running.

With the benefit of 355 IMAX screens, which brought the total portion to $8.5M. That alone accounted for $3.3M for the film’s tally overseas. If you add it up, eight of the family film’s top 10 runs were IMAX engagements.

Zootopia is the Animation Studio’s 55th animated feature film. Others have included Tangled ($592M), Wreck-It Ralph ($471M), Frozen ($1.276B), and most recently Big Hero 6 ($658M).

As we saw last week also, holds were again very strong across all markets. In Europe, in its third weekend of release, Zootopia again had the top spot at the box office in both Italy and Netherlands and it held incredibly well in France (-32%), Spain (-25%), Denmark (-36%) and Belgium (+2%), delivering 2nd place finishes in their 3rd and 4th weekends. Netherlands dropped a mere 12%, Sweden was down only -26% and Norway was off only -33%.

In Asia meanwhile, Korea now charts as the third biggest Disney Animation title of all-time there. The film held strong in all markets: Taiwan (-10%), Singapore (-22%), Thailand (-25%) and Malaysia (-26%). In fact, in less than two weeks of release, Zootopia is now the highest grossing Disney Animation or Pixar release ever in Thailand.

Finally, Latin America continues a very strong run — it has opened everywhere except Brazil — and ranked No. 1 in all territories there for the third weekend running. As a region, it dropped only 33% for the weekend, with specially strong holds posted in Chile (-19%), Colombia (-25%), Mexico (-33%) and Argentina (-34%).

It’s total international cume is $160.1M for a global total of about $235.1M.

In 22 countries, this actioner opened to $13.6M and was said to be ahead of Olympus Has Fallen in almost every territory. Domestically, where Focus Features distributed, the picture debuted with $21.6M so it has a global cume in its opening weekend of $35.2M.

Internationally, there are a number of distributors overseas so the film’s producer NuImage is reporting the numbers the best they can as they are basically trying to herd cats. We have a lot of grosses now (at 6 PM on Monday). The actioner did, indeed, take the top spot in the U.K. spot but its grosses are way higher than the Sunday estimate. It opened to $4.5M, about $1.4M more than the opening good of Olympus, which was released in March of 2013. Italy opened to No. 3 with about $1.4M with 189K admissions on 320 screens.

In France, it appears now that London Has Fallen beat Olympus‘ opening grosses by 13%. It opened to $1.19M on about 165K admissions. Belgium & Luxembourg: In Benelux, the film did extremely well, passing Olympus’ opening weekend by 111%. The film sits currently at $307K on 47 runs. It’s No. 3 there behind The Revenant and Zootopia, but beat Deadpool.

Malaysia opened big — 140% over Olympus — to take in $1.3M on 124 runs.  In Taiwan, it overran Olympus by 60% for a $1.19M gross on 165K admissions. Same in Singapore where it opened 57% better than its comp to take home $58K in 42 locales and in Thailand, it grabbed $687K on 170 screens, making the the No. 1 movie in that market.

India also did well, surpassing Olympus by 30% and debuting behind two local titles and the No. 1 movie just about everywhere — Zootopia. In that market, it rolled in with $485K on 165K admissions.

The Netherlands opened at around $572K on 83 screens and had a No. 2 rank; NuImage reports that the opening came in 35% higher than Olympus. We are waiting for a few more markets, especially from the Middle East and from the big territory of South Korea. More as it comes …

There are a number of markets yet to open with Germany and Argentina debuting March 10 and Mexico bowing a day after.

The Best Picture Oscar winner saw strong increases in grosses across all international markets where it is playing — overall roughly a 100% increase. In the states, it also enjoyed a big 140% increase, albeit Open Road added 542 screens.

Internationally, Sierra/Affinity reported an estimated three-day take of $5.8M for Spotlight with no new releases. Globally, it’s at a box office cume of $74.6M (adding $33.1M int’l and $41.5M domestic). Let’s look at a breakdown of the markets where it is still playing and big increases it enjoyed:

Spotlight had huge percentages increases throughout the weekend. Spain which had a stellar 599% increase this weekend. It is still No. 5 in the market and this past weekend grossed an estimated $539K on 334 screens for a per screen average of $1,699. This is 48% better than last year’s Best Picture winner Birdman‘s post-Oscar weekend which grossed $363K and went on to make $3.7M. The cume to date for Spotlight so far in Spain is is approximately $2.9M.

In its seventh weekend of play in Germany, Spotlight posted a 58% increase for $563K on 152 screens for a nice $3,709 per screen). That amounts to a 7% better showing than last year’s winner Birdman which grossed $525K and went on to take $4.5M at the German box office. The cume to date in this market, however, lags behind last year’s Oscar winner so far as it is $1.2M. In Italy, the film that takes on pedophile priests and pushed the issue right to the Vatican steps, is ranked No. 4, having grossed another $1.1M on 376 screens (for a per screen of $2,922). Again, it was +51% from last weekend. This is roughly 24% better than Birdman’s post-Oscar weekend which grossed $885K and went on to take $5.4M at the Italian box office. The cume to date for Spotlight here is $3.1M.

Michael Keaton, of course, starred in both Best Picture Oscar winners — last year’s Birdman and this year’s Spotlight.

Elsewhere, in the U.K., it saw a whopping 70% increase from last weekend and is hanging in at the No. 10 spot in the marker. It grossed another $477K in 457 runs for a more than 25% better post-Oscar weeekend than Birdman enjoyed. The cume to date is approximately $7.7M. Australia posted a 94% increase on 176 dates for a per screen of $1,812. The cume now stands at $3.2M.

And in France, Spotlight‘s grosses increased by 79% from last weekend. It ranks No. 6 and grossed about $289K from 41K admissions on 237 screens. The per screen average there is $1,221. The market cume is $3.6M.

But that, by comparison, is no match for Brazil, which saw a 1,092% increase from last weekend. The cume there is $1.3M. Likewise, massive percentage increases were seen in Mexico (+807%), Argentina (+363%) and the Netherlands (243%).

The Academy Award winner has yet to open in three markets, including Japan on April 15. For other Oscar winners and their grosses, see below.

Behind newcomers Zootopia and IP Man 3, Fox’s superhero Deadpool is No. 3 in the international marketplace. With an international cume of $362.1M and a global box office of $673.5M, Fox is saying that Deadpool has surpassed The Guardians of the Galaxy‘s $440M international cume. How so? They say when you account for exchange rates — foreign exchange rates have hurt USD conversions — so when comparing film performance Guardians actually did $350M (including $90M from China) at today’s exchange rates. Deadpool doesn’t have a release in China. The studio says it will run past the $454.6M collected by Captain America: The Winter Soldier next weekend. Okay, guys, let’s just say that all pictures are doing/did well internationally.

By the way, Fox said The Martian added another $1.2M in Japan and has the $400M international box office milestone in its sights and should surpass that mark within the next two weeks.

This weekend, Deadpool grabbed another $21.1M from 8,745 screens in 77 international markets. Its holdover business is still quite strong. For instance, in its fourth weekend of release in Australia, it is still is No. 1. It grossed $1.79M, down only 41%. It’s actually been No. 1 there for four consecutive weekends in a row. It has a cume to date Down Under of $26.2M. In France, it hauled in another $2M, also in its fourth weekend of release; the cume is $26M. In the the U.K., it added another $2.1M for a market cume of $48.9M (its best performing market). South Korea has posted $21.5M so far after three weekends and in Russia, Fox says it is performing better than Guardians and Winter Soldier where, in its fourth weekend in play, it has racked up $21.9M so far. In Germany, it delivered another $1.9M to for a cume after four weeks of $20.9M.

The film, which flopped in the states, brought in $16.1M from 73 markets this weekend after performing stronger on Sunday. Although it had a better Sunday than expected, the international cume is now lower $49M (previous estimate was $49.6M). The distrib chalks it up to other territories during the week not playing as estimated. The global cume after two weekends of play is now $72M. The CGI-heavy film that stars 300‘s Gerard Butler opened to No. 2 in South Korea with $3.5M on 618 screens behind the market’s local hit Spirits’ Homecoming. Gods of Egypt is set to debut in China this coming Friday and will enter the market against a number of strong titles, including local favorite IP Man 3, and The Mermaid as well as the second weekend of Disney Animation’s Zootopia. The top-grossing markets for this film to date are Russia ($6.7M), Brazil and the Philippines (which have grossed $3.6M and $3.1M, respectively) and Mexico ($3.4M). After China’s Friday bow, the next big market will be France on April 6th, followed by Germany on April 21.

The Revenant, which took home the Best Actor Oscar for Leonardo DiCaprio, had a bump in business this post-Oscar weekend as well. It grabbed another $13M from 4,401 screens in 65 markets for Fox, with increases in a number of territories: Business for the Alejando Inarritu-directed film increased over the previous weekend in Germany by +21%, in Brazil by +1% and in Switzerland by +47%.

You have to remember that this film, like Spotlight, has already been in the international marketplace for quite some time. For instance, it was released in Germany where it enjoyed that big increase nine weeks ago — so that is all the more impressive. In its second weekend in France, it dipped only about 20% to nab $6.2M there. Also, there were smaller decreases than it would otherwise get in Spain (-18% after five weekends in release) and in the U.K. (-23% after eight weekends out). This one got its Oscar for Leo, however, before it releases in China and Japan. The international cume for The Revenant now stands at $253.9M. Globally, that means, the film — which won three Oscars — has made $430M to date. This is going to be another big hit for The Wolf of Wall Street star whose overseas audience love them some Leo whether clean and slick in a suit or unshaven in animal skins.

hail caesarHAIL, CAESAR! With good openings in Russia, the U.K. and Ireland, the Joel and Ethan Coen film grossed an estimated $4.9M in 40 territories this weekend for an early international total of $17.6M. Combined with the estimated U.S. total of $29.2M, the worldwide total is $46.8M. In the U.K. and Ireland, it placed No. 4 and grossed $2.1M at 492 dates. Russia opened to No. 4 with $377K at 352 dates, chalking up the second biggest Coen Bros. opening in the market, only behind Burn After Reading. There are still 14 territories to open over the next 3 months, with Hong Kong, Italy and Singapore opening next weekend.

how to be singleHOW TO BE SINGLE
The comedy from Warner Bros. gulped down another $4.6M this weekend from approximately 2,300 screens in 49 markets, bringing the international cume to $42.1M. Combined, the global cume for the film is $85.4M.

It outperformed comps The Other Woman, New Year’s Eve, Just Go With It and Magic Mike XXL in France where it debuted with $1.1M on 154K admissions from 187 screens (and that included previews). The film that stars Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson and Leslie Mann, held well Down Under in its third weekend dropping only 35% to rank No. 3. With an estimated $941K from 264 dates, the cume is now $5.8M there. In the U.K., the picture grabbed $744K from 441 screens to bring its total cume there up to $6.8M after its third weekend in play. The U.K. and Australia are its top markets right now. It already released in Tawain ($3.4M cume), Mexico ($1.4M), Holland ($2.2M), Italy ($2.1M), Spain ($1.6M) and Mexico ($1.4M). It has yet to release in Germany, but will bow there on April 7.

There are three animated films in the marketplace and Fox’s Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip is one of them. The little chips off the old block continue to do well, riding in with another $3.2M from 2,722 screens in 47 markets. While there were no new openings, the family film had excellent holds in several of its markets. Most notably, in the U.K. where it is in its fourth weekend of play, it logged in another $767K and is performing about 31% better than its previous 2011 installment Chipwrecked through same point in release). The international cume is now $143.9M. Globally, the cume stands at $228.9M.

After six weekends in China, Kung Fu Panda 3 made way for Zootopia, but not before taking another $500K out of the market this weekend to post an international cume in the Middle Kingdom of $145.6M to date. Overall, this installment of the DreamWorks Animated franchise has hauled in $323.7M globally after taking in another $3M in the seven markets it is still playing in. Here’s the thing, however, yes, it hit China, but it still has a big majority of territories yet to open. This weekend it enjoyed an excellent opening in Brazil — it took No. 1 and opened 27% bigger than its predecessor Kung Fu Panda 2. Specifically, in Brazil, it grossed $2.4MM in 1,000 locales. That means it opened about 44% higher than Disney Animation’s Big Hero 6. Right now, it has $189.9M cumed abroad, with much more to come.

With 12 new openings, including the big markets of Germany and South Korea, director Michael Bay’s military tome grossed $2.4M from 28 markets to bring its international cume up to $9.4M. Germany grabbed a decent $402K at 254 cinemas, which is 9% above Argo, 2% above Lone Survivor and 37% below Zero Dark Thirty. In Korea, it grossed $656K from 380 locations, which puts it 58% above Argo, 53% above Zero Dark Thirty and 11% above Lone Survivor (those results are from Thursday to Sunday runs). It will march into a number of new markets this month, including France on March 30th and Italy on the 31st. Its global cume stands at $61.9M with $52.5M of it from North America.

With eight new openings, including France and Venezuela, the Paramount comedy that stars Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell and Penelope Cruz took in another $2.2M from 49 markets to bring its international cume up to $24.3M. Globally, the cume is $52.6M.

This weekend, Venezuela debuted with $543K from 24 locations, which is about 15% higher than Grown Ups 2 and about three and a half times bigger than its other comp Dumb and Dumber To. In France, it didn’t fair as well, grossing only $305K at 226 locations, which is 34% below its comp Grown Ups 2 and a big 50% below the first installment of Zoolander which bowed in 2001. It ranked No. 19 in the charts in France. The comedy next catwalks into Greece, South Africa, Hungary and Turkey.

The film that won Alicia Vikander the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award last weekend is having a strong post-Oscar weekend. The film grossed $2M in 49 territories for a total of $46.4M. Combined with the U.S. estimated cume of $11M, the worldwide total is $57.47M. There were no new openings this weekend. Hong Kong is still holding strong at No. 3 with the best screen average in the market with $439K at 18 dates for an 11-day total of $1.1M. There are two territories to yet to open: Japan on March 18 and Serbia/Montenegro on Mar. 24.

The film which garnered Brie Larson the Best Actress Oscar has been continuing its rollout internationally with new openings in Belgium, Italy and Netherlands this weekend and more dates added in Spain and Mexico. The gross estimate is $1.8M in 15 territories Universal is handling for a total of $4.5M thru Sunday. It is being distributed by others in nine other markets. In the states, Room has grossed $14.16M after 21 weeks in release.

Market by market breakdowns are as follows for Uni territories: With strong reviews and good word-of-mouth leading into its debut, Italy opened with $566K at 222 dates and placed No. 9. Likewise, the Netherlands opened with an excellent $147K at 27 dates. Although it placed No. 13, it tallied a strong per screen average. Belgium opened with $62K in 25 runs.

Spain had a great opening last weekend and added another 20 dates this weekend to capitalize on the Oscar win. The weekend estimate from that is $339K at 122 dates for a 10-day total of $959K to rank No. 7. It also is enjoying a strong per screen average there. Meanwhile, Mexico opened in a limited release with great results: After expanding with 177 new dates this weekend, it ranked No. 5 and grossed $408K at 307 dates. The 17-day total there is $1.1M. The film has six more territories to release over the next month with France up first next weekend.

The film that brought home the Best Adapted Screenplay for its director/writer Adam McKay and co-writer Charles Randolph, opened in Japan this weekend to gross $1.8M from 214 runs (or a per screen average of $6,103). It ranked No. 3. From its 27 markets, the total weekend tally for the picture was another $1.8M bringing up its international cume to $57.7M. Globally, The Big Short has grossed $127M.

The film that stars Maggie Smith rolled into Australia this weekend after a strong performance in the U.K. With a total take of $1.83M (which included previews), audiences Down Under embraced this little film on the 262 screens it was playing. The per screen was terrific $6,984 and the three-day gross was 29% higher than Philomena. The international cume for this film is now $22.46M. Combined with a domestic take of $7.1M, the global tally is now $8.9M.

The comedy from Sacha Baron Cohen added five small markets this weekend to gross an estimated $1.8M from over 1,200 screens. It is currently playing in 21 markets and is its second weekend in the U.K. With a local cume of $5M in there, this weekend the picture was able to pocket another $1.1M from 503 screens, which gives it a decent per screen average of $2,186 in its sophomoric frame. The picture opened in Hungary ($70K) and Romania ($64K) this weekend. It opens in the states this Friday and is not expected to set the world on fire.

Universal’s German-language co-production, opened in Germany, Austria and Switzerland this weekend to an estimated $886K at 615 dates. Market by market, Germany opened No. 6 with $747K at 517 dates. Austria opened No. 8 with $70K at 61 dates. German-Switzerland open in a soft market with $69K at 34 dates.

the witchTHE WITCH
This thriller which Universal is distributing internationally had its first releases in Brazil and Peru this weekend and grossed a higher than estimated $682K at 160 dates. Brazil opened No. 7 and rallied with the second best average per screen in the market. In fact, the response in the market was so positive, that Universal ended up adding 44 more runs on Friday so it ended the weekend with a better than expected $579K at 142 dates. Peru opened at No. 4 and grossed $104K at 35 dates, also chalked up the best screen average in the market. There are 19 more releases planned over the next several months. The U.K. and Ireland open next weekend as does Iceland. Its global cume is $21.5M so far.

The comedy is still cruising along overseas, having grossed another $487K in 22 territories. Its international total stands at $30.1M. Combined with the estimated U.S. total of $89.5M, the worldwide total is now $119.6M. The film has already grossed more than the international lifetime cumes of The Wedding Ringer ($15.3M), Ride Along ($19.5M), and Get Hard ($21.3M). There were no new openings this weekend. Ride Along 2 has 11 more territories to release with Croatia on Mar. 10 and Chile and Thailand on March 17.


the mermaidAfter only about a month in play, local favorite The Mermaid has made history in China — again. The picture has now grossed about $506M, making it the first ever Chinese movie to cross $500M at home. Only six other titles that have hit the milestone in one market, and each of those were in North America. The Mermaid, which became the territory’s biggest movie ever after only 12 days of release, helped China into the record books with a staggering 1.05B box office take for the month of February. The picture was catapulted by the fact that it opened at the beginning of the holidays in China. The film is playing currently in eight markets. The story is about a mermaid who falls for the evil business tycoon she’s been sent to seduce and assassinate. The Mermaid is being handled by Sony in the states and in particular markets overseas, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. The film reunites Sony with director Chow after they worked together on the helmer’s 2005 release of Kung Fu Hustle; the martial arts comedy/actioner went through Sony Pictures Classics. After a month in release, it ended up No. 3 behind local title IP Man and Disney Animation Studio’s Zootopia.

IP Man 3 was No. 1 this weekend after opening to a big $75M and (with previews) has taken $79.7M in only three markets according to Rentrak-turned-comScore (yes, Rentrak was bought out). The Donnie Yen starrer had already opened in Hong Kong where he is beloved as their action star and continues to do well in Asian markets. The picture also has U.S. boxing champ Mike Tyson in it. Local reports show that it grossed $18.8M on Friday, $29.4M on Saturday and $22.5M today (which is $70.7M), but others in the states have it coming in higher. IP Man is about a martial-arts master (played by Yen) who confronts a crooked developer (Tyson) and his mafioso-like crew.

der geilste TagAfter a stellar No. 1 opening weekend, German local production Der Geilste Tag (The Hottest Day) continued to perform strong, grossing another estimated $2.7M with more than 289k admissions from 686 screens and down only 15% in its sophomore frame. It ranked No. 2 in the market. The cume is to date is an excellent $7.2M.

The comedy about two hospice patients who break free and have the road trip of their lives had its premiere in Munich on Feb. 23. The film is a production of Pantaleon Films, Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany, Erfttal film – and Fernsehproducktion and WS Filmproduktion.

STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS: international cume: $1.12B, global cume: $2B
CREED, int’l cume: $63.6M, global: $173.36M
DADDY’S HOME, int’l cume: $88.3M, global: $237.1M
DAD’S ARMY, int’l cume from two markets: $11.9M
THE MARTIAN, int’l cume: $398.6M, global: $627.1M
NEERJA, int’l cume from three markets: $1.24M; global: $2.7M

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