Video: Jay Pharoah On Katt Williams Versus Kevin Hart Trumps Politics On ‘Saturday Night Live’


Giving his catatonic brain surgeon a rest — just as the real Dr. Ben Carson did this week, suspending his tortoise-versus-hare campaign for the GOP presidential nomination — Jay Pharoah appeared on last night’s Weekend Edition segment of SNL to address the smackdown of the week: Katt Williams calling Kevin Hart “a puppet.” WU co-anchor Colin Jost did the set-up, explaining that the feud was settled during a “secret meeting” of black comedians in Hollywood. He brought on Pharoah to report what went down.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 8.34.30 AM“The black comedians’ meeting? Oh, yeah, we hold one every year at Eddie Murphy’s house,” Pharoah reported. “In his bowling alley.” What followed was a master class in impressions as Pharoah nailed not only Williams and Hart but also Dave Chappelle (who suggested they all just chill in Africa for awhile) and Chris Rock (who responded in his usual low-key way, “Africa? Africans don’t even want go to Africa, and they live there“), Murphy, Tracy Morgan, Chris Tucker, Hannibal Buress and Bernie Mac. It was the kind of showcase generally reserved for guest hosts, and it was classic. (Note to Lorne Michaels: You’re right about SNL staffers not breaking character. These days, everyone’s laughing at their own bits, which reeks of self-satisfaction. Honestly? It’s gotten out of hand.)

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