Alloy Entertainment Moves On Escaped-Slave Biopic ‘Running A Thousand Miles For Freedom’

Alloy Entertainment and Alloy Features are moving to produce Running a Thousand Miles for Freedom, a feature film based on the book by William and Ellen Craft first published in 1860 that tells the true story of their daring escape from slavery in 1840s Georgia.

runningathousandmilesMarried in 1846, the couple fled slavery in 1848 when Ellen, the daughter of her slave master who because of her light complexion could pass, disguised herself as a man and posed as William’s white slave owner. With Ellen feigning sickness as an excuse to avoid conversation and William acting as her servant, the pair traveled by boat and train to Philadelphia and freedom. They lived at first in Boston and became prominent abolitionists but were forced into exile in England after the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act. They remained in England until after the Civil War.

Their story is one of the most famous of the American slave narratives, and one that easily illustrates the casual inhumanity of the institution, but until now has never been portrayed on film. Screenwriter Suzanne Allain, whose script Mr. Malcolm’s List won the contest for a Blind Script deal at Warner Bros and was subsequently featured as one of the 2015 Black List table reads is attached to write Running A Thousand Miles For Freedom. She’s repped by Verve Talent & Literary Agency. Les Morgenstein and Elysa Dutton of Alloy Features are producing.

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