‘Childrens Hospital’ To End After Seven Seasons; Rob Corddry On Why He Called It A Day & Emmys’ Short-Form Expansion

Rob Corddry’s Emmy-winning live-action comedy Childrens Hospital will end after its seventh season, which is currently airing on Adult Swim.

The 15-min series’ creator, executive producer and star Corddry explained to Deadline his decision. “My reasons for ending the show have most to do with a general lack of time and creative energy for anything else, Corddry said. “Childrens Hospital is a year-round gig for me and I might care too much about it (i.e. I’m a control freak). I’m excited to channel this new surge of energy I’m feeling into making more stuff. So what have you got? I’ll do it. Action!”

Childrens Hospital, which debuted in 2008, explores the emotional struggles and sexual politics of a group of doctors charged with healthy libidos. BasChildrens Hospitaled on the Webby Award-winning digital series, the show’s regular and recurring cast has featured top comedy talent, including Megan Mullally, Lake Bell, Malin Ackerman, Erinn Hayes, Henry Winkler, Ken Marino, Brian Huskey,Rob Huebel, Zandy Hartig, Nick Offerman, Nick Kroll, Keegan Michael Key, and Jordan Peele.

The series received two Emmy wins in the Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program category, and two other Emmy nominations, along with five Streamy Award noms. Corddry said he was very pleased with the Emmy Awards rules changes announced this week that recognize short-form web series with several new categories.

Childrens-hospital“The recent Emmy category change is thrilling,” Corddry said. “The chance to be nominated with more comparable shows is good for everyone who found themselves previously lumped into one oddly-named category. I’m most excited for our actors who have all consistently turned in Emmy worthy performances without a category to recognize them. Erinn Hayes is perfect example. She was always there and always game and totally fearless. She was my utility player because she can do anything. And who knows, Henry Winkler and Megan Mullally might finally get an Emmy!” (While Mullally won two Emmys for her role on Will & Grace, veteran Winkler is yet to hoist his first Emmy trophy after six nominations).

Three new short-form categories were added this year — Outstanding Short Form Series for Comedy or Drama, Variety and Reality/Nonfiction — in what will be Childrens Hospitals’ final Emmy hurrah.

“The category change is the result of this glorious television renaissance we’re lucky to be experiencing right now,” Corddry added. “It’s a good time to be working in (and watching) television! And it’s great that the Television Academy recognizes that.”

Jonathan Stern and David Wain co-write and executive produce the series with Corddry. Childrens Hospital is produced by Abominable Pictures, The Corddry Co. and Warner Bros.Television Group’s Studio 2.0, and distributed by Warner Bros. TV.

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