O.J. Simpson Case: LAPD Says Knife Found On Property Not Connected To Murders


UPDATED, 3:27 PM: After performing a string of forensic tests, the LAPD said today that the knife found at the site of O.J. Simpson’s demolished former house is not connecting to the double-murder case.

PREVIOUSLY, March 4: Los Angeles police just held a news conference to address reports that a knife was found at the site of O.J. Simpson’s demolished former house in Brentwood. Captain Andy Neiman was being candid but offered few details other than confirming that a now-retired former LAPD motor cop — who was working security on a movie shoot at the time — was given the knife by a construction worker who claimed to have found it on the Rockingham property.

Neiman took questions from reporters — surprisingly none on whom asked about the timing of this revelation, coming as FX’s high-rated limited series The People V. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story is halfway through its run.

Seal_of_LAPD“You have to try to keep this in perspective,” Tom Lange, the former LAPD lead detective in the Simpson investigation told CNN this morning. He added that the knife was “apparently recovered 18 years ago around the time when several other knives in and around the properties were recovered and turned over by people. … The reality is these things have been happening for some time,” Lange also said, adding that there are “many knives that have been turned over and again we just don’t know at this point until they get into this and they do all of these various tests and then they (the LAPD) take it from there.”

Under double jeopardy laws, even if this proved to be a pivotal piece of evidence in the still-open case of the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, Simpson cannot be prosecuted again.

CNN correspondent Paul Vercammen told Ashleigh Banfield on-air that he asked Nieman about the FX program after the news conference. “I also said to Capt. Neimen off-camera, ‘What about this in light of all the publicity the television show is getting,’ and he just said ‘The timing is interesting, the timing is interesting.'”

None of the broadcast networks cut away for the presser, but CNN, Fox News and MSNBC covered it live.

Dominic Patten contributed to this report.

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