‘Louder Than Bombs’ Trailer: A Broken Family Copes With Loss & Moving On

The Orchard

“The truth? What is the truth?” That’s the heavy question is this trailer for Louder Than Bombs, the English-language debut of director Joachim Trier. It follows Gene (Gabriel Byrne) and his sons Jonah and Conrad (Jesse Eisenberg and newcomer Devin Druid) two years after the death of their wife and mother Isabelle (Isabelle Huppert), an internationally celebrated photographer. As Gene takes the first steps toward a new relationship, Jonah has just had a baby of his own. Meanwhile, Conrad is a typically alienated teenager.

A retrospective of Isabelle’s work draws them back to the house all four lived in during the boys’ formative years, and the three survivors grapple with contrasting memories of the woman who influenced their lives so profoundly. In doing so, they begin to negotiate how best to live together and uncover the mystery that informed her life. Set to Solomon Grey’s haunting “Glas/Green,” the clip hopscotches among emotions and feelings, likely affecting individual viewers in different ways.

Rachel Brosnahan, David Strathairn and Amy Ryan co-star in the film, which premiered at Cannes and had its North American debut at Toronto. Trier co-wrote it with Eskil Vogt. The Orchard opens the film April 8.

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