Amy Schumer, Seth Rogen Will Unveil Bud Light “Diversity” Ad During Oscars

Bud Light

Bud Light says it’s rolling out this new “diversity” spot during tonight’s Oscar ceremony – an event that has been blasted for its lack of diversity in actor nominations. The ad features Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer joined by “Bud Light Party super-delegate” Michael Peña.

The three visit a food truck park to explain how its culinary selection mirrors our country’s makeup: a “Korean taco of togetherness” and a “gumbo of coexistence.” For the record, Bud Light says it’s “America’s most inclusive beer, bringing people together from all walks of life.” (This, in marked contrast to HBO late-night star John Oliver’s description of Bud Light as a “liquid John Mayer song” and “ghost of a dead lemon.”)

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