Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel Mull Donald Trump’s Nevada Blowout Before Tonight’s GOP Debate

Fox News

Late-night shows last night explained amusingly the GOP Nevada caucuses, in which Donald Trump copped more votes than Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio combined. Trump is now, according to some polls, also besting Cruz and Rubio in their home states, as the race closes in on Super Tuesday, when about a quarter of delegates get assigned.

The final GOP debate before Super Tuesday airs tonight, on CNN, hosted by Wolf Blitzer. Sadly, most late-night comics don’t do original shows on Fridays. We will live-blog the debate tonight; American Held Hostage: Debate No. 16, aka Donald Trump Theatre, begins at 8:30 PM ET.

Meanwhile,  Jimmy Kimmel Live last night landed the premiere of a new pro-Trump campaign ad, from a group the GOP candidate did particularly well with in Nevada voting:


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