Latest On Relativity: Kevin Spacey Looking Shaky, Dana Brunetti Solidifying

Nobody will comment, not until Ryan Kavanaugh’s Relativity emerges from Chapter 11 and things are made official, so take this as a strong rumor. Where are things with the plan by Trigger Street partners Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti to sell their company to Kavanaugh and spearhead a Relativity resurgence in feature film and TV production? The latest word I’m hearing is that it’s now looking shaky for Spacey — several sources say he has reconsidered — but I’m hearing that Brunetti is proceeding toward a deal at this point. If that happens, it might mean Brunetti separating from his mentor.

All this comes after Netflix unveiled the fourth season of House of Cards, on which Brunetti and Spacey are executive producers, with Spacey playing U.S. president Frank Underwood. It also comes after Brunetti was the subject of a long feature dana-brunetti-kevin-spaceyin the Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair, detailing a larger-than-life persona. Maybe he’s ready to carve his own path? Their credits together include two Best Picture-nominated films, the Paul Greengrass-directed Captain Phillips and the David Fincher-directed The Social Network; as well as the Emmy-nominated House Of Cards; Bernard And Doris; and Recount. Their other credits include 21, Shrink, Fanboys and the stage production The Iceman Cometh. Brunetti also produced Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Deadline revealed the bombshell alliance on January 6 for Spacey to become chairman and Brunetti president. The deal was expected to be done in February, but Relativity’s emergence from Chapter 11 has taken longer than expected.

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