‘Deadpool’ Scores $84.7M Offshore Passing $500M Global; ‘Mermaid’ In $420M China Splash – Int’l B.O. Update

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cinemaworld 3RD UPDATE, MONDAY PM PT: Deadpool will pass $500M today after a strong second weekend in release in 77 markets. It opened in Korea to the biggest 18+ rated debut of all time in the country. To date, it has taken in $256.2M internationally. Combined with the domestic total, it’s tipping the big $500M mark later today. It now sits at $493M. Other pictures with final grosses in include Oscar nominations leader The Revenant which can claim $216.4M internationally so far for a global win of $381.6M. Actuals are in for all titles from Disney, Warner Bros, Fox, Paramount and Universal (newcomer Hail Caesar!). Sony also reported on the Chinese sensation The Mermaid. More to come …

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UPDATE: SUNDAY 4:54 PM PT: Across the Top 10 films in the international marketplace, this frame’s crop is down about 35% from last week, when two movies made over $100M each. Those same titles, Fox’s Deadpool and China’s The Mermaid, lead this weekend, respectively dropping 47% and 49%. Deadpool picked up a final $84.7M (just a little under Sunday estimates) in 77 offshore markets on its way to a $500M global cume as early as tomorrow in what has started off as a stellar run for Ryan Reynolds’ ribald red-suited anti-superhero. Like Fifty Shades Of Grey at the same time last year, he may be able to keep it up next weekend and whip out a hat trick of consecutive international No. 1s. The major opener in the coming frame is Lionsgate’s Gods Of Egypt.

The No. 2 film internationally this frame, The Mermaid, has had an unprecedented run in the Middle Kingdom. It’s had a local estimate through Sunday of 2.73B yuan which translates to roughly $419M. Based on calculations using local data, it actually crossed $400M late Saturday to hit a milestone no film ever has before and has already crossed $420M including early Monday estimates. On Friday, it had already surpassed Monster Hunt to become the top grosser of all time in the market. This is all the more impressive because it took just 12 days to beat Monster Hunt – a movie which required 58 days to leg out to its final tally, and grab coveted bragging rights from Furious 7. That Universal release had previously become China’s biggest movie to date in just 30 days. Check the Local-Language round-up below for more on The Mermaid.

In 3rd place, Disney’s Zootopia stood upright in 22 markets in its much-expanded sophomore session. The animated pic voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba and many others, flashed to $31.3M with several major territories — including China — still to come. The family film has enough grown-up jokes to appeal to all audiences, and will benefit from kids being on mid-winter and Easter holiday as it continues rollout.

Looking at those films versus the Top 3 last year, box office is up about 13%. At this time in 2015, Fifty Shades was still dominating with a $63.2M 2nd trip to the playroom, followed by Lunar New Year hits Dragon Blade and The Man From Macau II.

Also worth note is the No. 4 movie this week: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword Of Destiny which opened in China this weekend and came in No. 2 locally behind The Mermaid. The English-language sequel bowed on Friday, ahead of its U.S. debut via Netflix on February 26. The Weinstein Co pic is estimated to have taken $21.5M in its first weekend. That’s far greater than the entire local gross of the first film, although apples-to-apples is a tough comparison given the 16-year gap between the two. Directed by Yuen Wo-ping, Sword Of Destiny features the original’s Michelle Yeoh along with new additions in superstar Donnie Yen, as well as Harry Shum Jr. and Jason Scott Lee. Harvey Weinstein recently penned a guest column about the film on Deadline.

Breakdowns on the studio films are below with more on local-language after the original post.

PREVIOUS, Writethru Updates: Deadpool once again ruled the universe with $84.7M (down from the Sunday estimate of $85.3M) offshore weekend for an international cume of $256.2M in 77 markets. Coupled with the domestic to-date haul, the global total on the Fox release is $493M, which means $500M is in sight as early as today.

Offshore, there were No. 1 openings in 17 new plays. Those notably included Korea where its final $11.9M start is the biggest 18+ rated debut of all time. Ryan Reynolds’ raunch also maintained No. 1s in over 35 markets (see breakdown below).

Along with the sassy superhero, a Chinese mermaid and a plucky bunny are among the weekend leaders at the international box office. Disney’s Zootopia expanded to 22 markets including Mexico and France where it grabbed No. 1 from the Marvel phenom. It ended the overall offshore session with $31.3M for a international cume to date of $39.1M.

the mermaidMeanwhile, official figures are not yet available on Stephen Chow’s The Mermaid, but as expected, lthe film handily swam past the $400M box office mark at about $419M over the weekend. That makes it by far the biggest title ever in the Middle Kingdom.

Breakdowns are below with more to come:

After raising the curtain on the Berlin Film Festival 10 days ago, the Coen brothers’ latest ensemble bowed in 27 markets this frame. The weekend estimate is $5.7M on the Hollywood studio system comedy. Key debut plays included France and Germany. In the former, it’s comping hail caesarupwards on such pics as Birdman and No Country For Old Men and is on par with The Grand Budapest Hotel at a $2.1M opening. In Germany, the Universal release stepped on set with $1M at 148 dates, a week after its festival bow which was attended by talent and major studio brass. The start at 146 dates was also bigger than the above comps and O Brother Where Art Thou. Now it’s about the multiple. Budapest Hotel opened the Berlin Film Festival to raves back in 2014 and went on to a very strong international run. Hail, Caesar! also found a warm critical reception there, but as it was not in competition, the conversation surrounding it wasn’t as prevalent throughout the fest. There were good openings in Spain, Austria, Denmark, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and the UAE with confirmed figures to come on Monday. School holidays are underway in parts of Europe and there are still 30 markets to go on Hail, Caesar!. The global cume is $32M.

With $84.7M this weekend (-47% from the debut last frame), the anti-superhero pic that’s helmed by Tim Miller has an international cume of $256.2M in 77 markets after two sessions. No. 1 openings in 17 new plays included Korea where its $11.9M start is the biggest 18+ rated debut of all time and Fox’s 2nd best. The UK ($8.1M), Germany ($4.9M, down from the $5.3M Sunday estimate), Brazil ($4M) and Russia ($2.9M) had excellent No. 1 holds while South East Asia is playing like gangbusters, outcomping pics like Guardians Of The Galaxy, Captain America: The Winter Solider and X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

Bowing this session, Spain suited up to $3.87M (down from $4.13M), 2.3 times bigger than GOTG; Italy fired on $3.39M, +27% over GOTG; and the UAE scored the biggest R-rated start of all time with $1.9M. The top overseas cumes to date are the UK ($37M), Australia ($19M), Russia ($17.8M), France ($16.5M) and Germany ($14.1M). Japan comes way down the line on June 3 while China will be a no-show at this party.

Zootopia FlashAfter launching in a very limited number of markets last frame, Disney’s Zootopia widened its international run to 22 this weekend, of which five were significant new plays. The sophomore session was worth $31.3M in 36% of the offshore footprint, and set a handful of records for the studio. In new bows, France ($8.7M) and Poland ($1.2M) painted the biggest start ever for a Disney animated release. Zootopia was No. 1 in France ahead of Deadpool and also had that distinction in Mexico with $4.6M — +27% over the opening of Frozen in that market.

Elsewhere, Italy opened on a non-holiday weekend to a much higher $3.3M (up from $2.8M estimated because some exhibs had not reported on Sunday), higher than Big Hero 6, Tangled and The Lego Movie. Spain held with a drop of just 30% from open with $5.7M to date and in Denmark, Zootopia climbed a whopping 103% from its debut to take No. 1 ahead of Deadpool.

Hardly sloth-like in its 2nd outing, it’s now got a $39.1M cume and is nicely positioned through the upcoming holidays. The Disney folks brought very raw footage of this one to Cannes last year and later to Barcelona for European exhibitors who got an extended taste of the humor in the story of a con artist fox and an earnest bunny who team to uncover a conspiracy. Byron Howard and Rich Moore direct with the domestic release set for March 4 while further key overseas releases come on March 3 and 4 in Germany, Russia and China.

The Fox release keeps rolling with an additional $11.39M (down from $11.8M estimated) from 4,114 screens (less than previously thought) in 61 markets. Norway was a key open at 2.3 times bigger than Chipwrecked’s debut and $801K. The UK sped up by 45% for a $5M weekend and a $19.2M cume. France ($7.9M cume), Germany ($5.25M cume), and Denmark ($1.5M cume) also held well. The international total is now $130.7M.

how to be singleRebel Wilson brought down the house in her appearance on the BAFTAs last Sunday, and this comedy in which she stars with Dakota Johnson, had a $10.9M date with about 3.7M admissions in 51 territories this weekend. On 4,090 screens, that takes the cume on the Warner Bros./MGM/New Line pic to $24.1M after two frames. The UK opened to $2.7M on 433, including previews. Excluding the sneaks, the launch weekend results passed New Year’s Eve and Trainwreck. Australia, Wilson’s home market, scored a No. 2 start with $2.3M on 258. That includes strong ladies’ night previews. Mexico finished its opening weekend with an estimated $574K on 443 screens, exceeding comps like Bridesmaids and Trainwreck. Holdover cumes include $2.6M in Taiwan, where it sits behind Deadpool; $1.8M in Italy; $1.2M in Holland where the drop was just 28% from open; Spain’s $1.2M; and Russia’s $1.6M. Brazil and France are the next debut markets.

The RevenantFresh off five BAFTA wins, the leading Oscar nominee set a trap for $8.59M on 4,631 screens in 65 markets to bring the offshore cume to $216.4M. Notably coming after those British Academy laurels, the UK was up 1% from the previous frame. After six weekends, its total there is $30.8M. Spain led the weekend in its 3rd frame with $1.4M and an $10.8M cume. Germany grossed $913Kfor a total of $24.5M to date. France and India releases are on deck for next weekend.

Kung Fu Panda 3Still playing in only seven offshore markets ahead of its major international expansion next month, the DreamWorks Animation/Oriental DreamWorks threequel added $7.3M from 6,121 screens this weekend. The total offshore is $177M with most of the rest of the world yet to open outside North America where it was No. 2 this frame. In China, the cume to date is $137M. Anything over $100M there is nothing to sneeze at, but KFP3 was squeezed by Lunar New Year pics that bowed a week after it opened on January 29. Those notably include The Mermaid, The Man From Macau III and Monkey King 2. This weekend saw the addition of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword Of Destiny in 2nd place. KFP3 is a Chinese co-production meaning the split is more favorable than on a quota film and it has the ability to stay in theaters, although kids go back to school on Monday after the festivities. Russia, where Fox releases is holding well with $11.3M to date and Korea, where CJ is distrib, is at $25.6M. Along with the North American total, the global cume is thisclose to $300M at $294.2M and the Panda has a lot more punch to come.

Zoolander 2Adding 12 new markets, the Paramount sequel catwalked to $4.5M in the 2nd frame. The international cume on the revival of Ben Stiller’s Blue Steel is now $16.7M. Germany was a neu market with a very soft $393K which was down over 60% from the original and 72% below Dumb And Dumber To, yet 61% above last year’s comp Anchorman 2. Russia fared better with $338K at 850 cinemas for a 758% increase on Zoolander 1. Cumes elsewhere are $5.8M in the UK; $4M in Australia and $2.2M in Italy.

Adding seven markets, the weekend estimate on the period drama is $3.4M across 48 total. New openings included Italy at No. 4 (with $1.1M) and ahead of comps like Birdman and Carol, but just below Eddie Redmayne-starrer The Theory Of Everything. The global total will cross $50M this week; the international cume is $38.3M.

With an extra tickle from the UK where school holidays are in full swing and the family pic increased 26% over last weekend, the total weekend in 16 markets was $3M for Sony. The international cume is now $73.4M, which includes Village Roadshow markets. The UK cume is $10.9M after three frames; France has $1.8M after two (vacations should see higher weekday numbers); and Germany has $2.3M after three.

Adding a much better than expected $3.2M (up from the estimated $2.6M) to the coffers this weekend, TFA lifts the international cume to $1,118.8M and the global box office to $2,040.5M. It’s still playing in 25 overseas markets. Here’s an update on the Top 5: UK ($180.8M), China ($124.2M), Germany ($109.9M), Japan ($92.5M) and France ($88.2M).

Ridley Scott The MartianHaving cultivated the No. 1 spot for three consecutive weekends in Japan, The Martian is nearing $20M there with a cume of $19.2M to date. Across six international markets this frame, Matt Damon’s resourceful Mark Watney grew another $2.4M on 838 screens The overseas cume is $391.7M.

Quentin Tarantino and posse had a $2.4M weekend for a cume of $53.5M to date. Play is beginning to wind down in the top offshore market of France where it’s taken $12.5M to date. Germany, still on 565 screens, saw a good hold with another $911K for a total $11.97M.

Rolling out in several more territories, Spotlight uncovered $1.9M this weekend. That takes the cume to $19.1M overseas. Italy was a new bow and opened in 5th place with $452K on 177 screens; roughly 50% less than comp Birdman. Cumes elsewhere are as follows: UK $6.3M; Australia $2M; Spain $2M; and France $3M. Germany and Japan are among markets still to release. The Oscar nominee recently spurred the kick-off of a Vatican commission on clerical sex abuse.

The weekend was worth $1.6M in 58 markets for an international cume of $68.6M. It’s still playing on over 1,500 screens. France, which is the leader offshore, has a cume of $6.6M and should see pick up this week with vacations in process. Mexico has a cume of $5.45M. Korea bows this week.

The comedy picked up another $1.4M in 35 markets for an overseas total of $86.6M. Rollout continues in March.

Australia was the only new opening this weekend with a No. 3 bow of $875K at 194 dates and 31% higher than the original comedy. With $1.6M total in the frame, the offshore is now $28M — outgrossing the lifetimes of The Wedding Ringer, Ride Along and Get Hard. Worldwide, the Universal pic has grossed $114.4M.There are still 15 territories to open including New Zealand and Singapore on February 25.

The Britcom transfer bowed in New Zealand with $142K at 83 dates. In the UK, the play continues with $1.2M added to the ranks this frame for a 17-day total $9.9M cume. Australia and the Netherlands open on April 28.

Warner Bros launched Point Break in Japan this frame with $1.3M from 538 screens. Those are Saturday/Sunday results and exceeded comps like Into The Storm, Non-Stop, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and Robocop. The overall cume to date in the eight WB markets in release now stands at $21.4M.

Adam McKay’s Oscar nominee, which scooped the USC Scripter Award on Saturday night, added $1.1M in 36 markets in the frame. The cume is $54.2M ahead of Japan’s bow on March 4.

The Warner Bros drama has grossed $9.3M to date after a $1.1M weekend from 880 screens in 30 markets. Germany opened in the frame with $430K on 253 screens, 36% bigger than the kick-off of Invictus. Brazil, France and Italy are still to come in the next several weeks.

The Weinstein Co weight in on Monday with weekend numbers from its various offshore partners on the Oscar nominee. Still playing in pockets of Western Europe, Latin America and Asia, Carol added $972K to the shop till for a $23M cume. The UK remains the leader overseas, followed by France and Italy.

Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay in RoomAs the Oscars loom, and fresh off of a BAFTA win for Brie Larson, Room continued its rollout this weekend with openings in Brazil, Mexico and Norway. The total weekend take $850K in 23 markets for a cume$8.3M. In nine territories released by Universal, the weekend was $598K, for a studio total of $1.27M. In Brazil, the drama grossed $269K at 34 dates which gave it the 2nd best screen average in the market behind Deadpool. Mexico played on 124 screens for $283K and Norway opened limited with $37K at 37 dates. There are 12 more Universal territories to release over the next month. Finland, Spain and Uruguay open next weekend. In several markets, including Colombia, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and the UK, Room has overtaken comps like Winter’s Bone and We Need To Talk About Kevin. In the UK, where Studiocanal distributes, the weekend got a significant boost as exhibitors added screens following Larson’s BAFTA win. The cume there is $4.97M after six weeks.

The Hateful Eight (TWC/VAR): Added $2.4M for $53.5M cume

the mermaidSony Pictures International Releasing currently has this Chinese phenomenon in six markets with an additional $2.93M added this weekend. This does not include China where the Stephen Chow-helmed Lunar New Year comedy is now the highest-grossing movie of all time with $419M through Sunday. SPRI’s cume is $12.2M. Leading markets include Malaysia ($5.9M cume), Vietnam ($3.3M), Singapore ($2.36M) and Australia ($373K). Sony released in North America this weekend as well, with a $985K take at 35 locations. That is the biggest weekend for a limited release Chinese-language film ever. On Friday, it took in $320K for the biggest opening day. Upcoming releases include Thailand and the Philippines in April.

neerjaFrom Fox International Productions and Fox Star, the biopic earned $4.5M from 1,036 screens in two markets. It was No. 1 in India and retells the events of September 5, 1986 when Pan Am Flight 73 from Bombay to New York was hijacked in Karachi by Palestinian extremists. Neerja Bhanot, a 22-year-old part-time model, was the head purser on the flight and through 17 hours helped save the lives of 359 passengers and crew on board out of 379, at the cost of her own life. Sonam Kapoor, Shabana Azmi, and Yogendra Tiku star in the film by Ram Madhvani. This film also opened stateside in 73 theaters to gross $625,526, resulting a very strong $8,568 per screen.

election day 2Universal is releasing this Russian comedy sequel which opened locally at No. 2 with an estimated $1.55M at 1,033 dates. U says the market was expected to grow Sunday with the highest grosses on Monday and Tuesday, which are holidays. It is performing 76% ahead of Election Day, which was a local hit in 2007.RD

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