CBS’ Butler/Hope/O’Shannon Comedy Pilot Reverts To Single-Camera Format, Todd Holland To Direct

CBS’ untitled comedy adaptation of the Australian comedy Upper Middle Bogan will be shot as single-camera, with the project’s executive producer Todd Holland directing the pilot.

Todd_Holland_3The untitled half-hour, from Modern Family alum Dan O’Shannon, the creators of the original Australian comedy, Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope, CBS Studios and ABC Studios, was conceived, sold and originally written as single-camera. It was one of the few single-camera comedy scripts that CBS asked to be converted to hybrid or multi-camera after they were delivered. It was modified, and the Butler/Hope/O’Shannon project was ordered to pilot as a hybrid and without a director as executive producer Holland, who had been expected to helm, is a single-camera director.

After the pilot was picked up, I hear the writers and producers engaged in a discussion with CBS about changing the format back to single-camera as it better represents their original vision (The Australian series also is single-camera). After evaluating the pilot’s production elements, both sides agreed that they would be better executed in a single-camera format.


Written by O’Shannon, Butler and Hope, the extended family show is about a wife and mother who learns she was adopted and that her birth parents are a flamboyant but loving family of drag-racers. O’Shannon, Butler, Hope and Holland executive produce.

Of eight CBS pilots and one straight-to-series comedy, the Kevin James family stcom, eight were ordered multi-camera or hybrid. With the conversion of the Butler/Hope/O’Shannon half-hour, CBS will have two single-camera comedy pilots this year. The other is What Goes Around Comes Around.  


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