Late Night TV Autopsies Death Of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia


Late-night TV reacted variously to the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Stephen Colbert, the late-night host said to be off-putting to Republicans, spoke of his warm feelings for Scalia, because the justice was nice to him after he’d crashed and burned a decade back, with his speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington.

“He was universally acknowledged to be an intellectual giant who left his mark, not only on the court, but on how to interpret the Constitution,” Colbert said at the top of last night’s The Late Show on CBS. “Whether or not you agree with him, or made a lot of jokes about him like I did, one thing you’ve got to admit” was Scalia’s sense of humor, Colbert argued.

The night Colbert famously torched reporters who cover the White House, and the George W Bush administration, at Washington’s annual black-tie Petting Zoo, Colbert recalled he had a good time giving the speech “but when it was over, no one was even making eye contact with me.” Except Scalia, who had been delighted Colbert mentioned him by name in his speech and also flicked his thumb off his front teeth at the justice. Scalia told him it was “Great stuff!” “And I watched him go and said, ‘Don’t you make me love you, old man,” Colbert told his Monday audience, adding, “I will forever be grateful for that moment of human contact that he gave me.”

Meanwhile, over at NBC, Late Show host Seth Meyer gave Scalia’s death, and Obama’s effort to nominate his replacement (as opposed, to, say, President Donald Trump’s nominee Gary Busey) a Closer Look:

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