Samantha Bee Fears She Will Lose ‘Full Frontal’ Gig After Agreeing With Donald Trump


Hours after it was made public that Justice Antonin Scalia had died and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised to block President Obama nominee to replace the Supreme Court justice, Donald Trump began saying sane things at the GOP debate, which newest late-night show host Samantha Bee fears will cost her her new gig on TBS’ Full Frontal.

“What better way to honor America’s greatest champion of original intent than by wiping your obstructionist ass on the very document he held so dear,” Bee said of McConnell’s reaction to POTUS’ move to name Scalia’s replacement, as laid out in the Constitution.

Meanwhile, at Saturday’s debate, hours after word broke of Scalia’s death, GOP candidates honored his memory with some “Cuban on Canadian-Cuban violence.” And, as that crazy train wound its way through Saturday night’s TV landscape, Trump referenced women’s health in a positive way, which incensed Bee, given that “last time he referenced women’s health he was talking about the torrent of menstrual blood that shoots out of our wherevers like dragon fire.” Making matters worse, he went after George W. Bush over the war in Iraq and those “weapons of mass destruction” during the debate.

“OK, listen up creamsicle! We had a deal. You open your face hole, garbage spills out, I make jokes, I get to keep my comedy job. You’re not allowed to make sense!” she reminded the GOP front-runner.

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