‘Deadpool,’ ‘Zoolander 2,’ ‘How To Be Single’ All Jump Higher – Int’l Box Office Final

Write-thru, Tuesday, 3:53 PM, on 2nd UPDATE, Monday, 1:15 PM: All final international box office results for the weekend are in and have added more films — like Creed — to the mix. Every film did much better over the weekend than was anticipated. Following Deadpool’s better than expected results yesterday morning, the other two openers — Zoolander 2 and How To Be Single — also pulled in much better numbers. Why is everyone seeing such big jumps — in Deadpool‘s case it was over $7M better? One distributor noted that the Saturday to Sunday had better than expected holds and that some Eastern European markets came in stronger than previously predicted. In some cases, for instance, for Warner Bros.’ comedy How To Be Single was playing on over 400 more screens than previously reported. For a full report of final numbers (sans Point Break), see below:

1st UPDATE, Monday, 9:34 AM: Just as it did domestically over the weekend, Deadpool came in much better than expected, in fact, it grossed $7.1M more than the Sunday estimate to end its weekend run at $132.2M (up from $125.1M estimated). The picture, directed by Tim Miller and starring Ryan Reynolds, played more like a summer blockbuster than a February hopeful. Last year at this time it was Universal’s Fifty Shades of Grey that took center stage and then blocked out all newcomers in its second weekend, which Deadpool actually looks poised to do as well next weekend.

In its first three-day out of the gate, Grey took in a global haul of $266.6M and $173.6M internationally on roughly 2,000 less screens abroad. With the new grosses this morning from Fox, Deadpool now has roughly $265M globally. Deadpool opened to No. 1 in everyone of its 61 markets except for two where local blockbusters were playing (see below for details). The film based on the Marvel character is estimated to reach $150M internationally through today.

With that, this past weekend also brought the IMAX take up to $27.4M globally and $9M internationally (up from the estimated $7.9M yesterday). The international weekend box office also established new records for best February and R-rated title, and a best-ever opening for a 2D title.

Zoolander 2 from Paramount also reported better grosses this morning than expected and has been updated below. The global take on its opening weekend is now $23.2M. Internationally, the sequel is playing a whopping 242% above the first from 15 years ago. How to Be Single, which turned out to be on more screens than thought, also grossed higher than expected to $10.5M (see breakouts below).

Also added below are grosses for Spotlight which this past week picked up awards from both the WGA and BAFTA for best original screenplay. We just received grosses this AM.

PREVIOUSLY, Sunday 10:19 AM and 8:PM: After breaking records stateside as the biggest R-rated film of all time, Deadpool is knocking out the competition overseas in its debut frame with an international haul which was estimated $125.1M but went way past that. It’s global cume is now an incredible $264.9M for Fox through the three-day weekend. While it bested last year’s Valentine’s Day offering of Fifty Shades of Grey domestically, it wasn’t able to topple the Universal film in its international debut. Still, it was no slouch.

The film, which offers up a new kind of Marvel superhero, crushed it in all of its 61 markets, giving its distributor Fox its 3rd highest grossing weekend ever in the U.K. and the biggest opening ever for the studio in 13 markets. That includes a whopping handful from Australia, Taiwan, Brazil, Hong Kong and Malaysia (see breakdowns below). And surprisingly, it also bested Star Wars: The Force Awakens opening weekend in Russia.

And if that wasn’t enough, Fox is also enjoying its Oscar-nominated leading film The Revenant grossing over $200M internationally this weekend to bring its global haul to over $350M. And its Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Road Chip just debuted in the U.K. and crossed $100M internationally as well.

Meanwhile, Deadpool now stands as the biggest R-rated (or equivalent) opening weekend in 11 markets, too. The only two places Deadpool wasn’t No. 1 this weekend was in Poland where a local romantic blockbuster called Planeta Singli has been burning up the box office (200K admissions which ballooned to $500K on this Valentine’s Day weekend), and Malaysia where a Chinese favorite, The Mermaid, slapped it out of the No. 1 spot.

This weekend’s openings represent just over 80% of the International marketplace. Just for a point of comparison, last year during the same Valentine’s Day frame, Fifty Shades of Grey debuted with an international take of $173.6M from 10,979 screens in 58 markets for a global haul of $266.6M.

Of the $125.1M Deadpool hauled in, $7.9M of this weekend’s cume came from 232 IMAX screens, with records set for their biggest February and R-rated openings in numerous markets including Hong Kong (where it had a per screen of $139K), Taiwan ($122K per), the Netherlands ($65K per), Sweden ($66K per), France ($55K per), and the U.K. ($51K per). It will be opening on more IMAX screens next weekend.

After giving Fox its biggest opening day every for a 15-rated movie in the U.K. with $3.4M last Wednesday (42% higher than X Men: Days of Future Past), the superhero kicked in a total of $20.2M there. Likewise, in Australia, Deadpool enjoyed the biggest February opening ever in the market to take down Fifty Shades of Grey‘s record last year. Its gross was also five times of that of Paramount’s debut title Zoolander 2 to bring in a big $10.65M compared to the Ben Stiller lead comedy’s $2.5M. Deadpool‘s star Ryan Reynolds promoted the film through Russia, Australia and all over Europe (France, Germany, UK). In Australia, the studio even pushed an online Deadpool Australia Day.

In fact, the Marvel character and brand was pushed around the world in a pre-launch marketing campaign that was much more risqué with raunchy ads selling it as a “different kind of superhero movie” and personalizing it in major markets with local colloquialisms. And gotta give props to its star Ryan Reynolds who worked tirelessly promoting the new film character with YouTube videos, social media and travel.

In Russia, the film opened with a whopping $13.1M on an estimated 1,119 screens to become the biggest opening weekend ever in the market and bested the opening weekend of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in that country. Russia is notoriously a fast-burn market, so we will see how this one plays out and for how many weekends. In France, the film grossed $8.9M, according to estimates, to easily be No. 1 in the market. It became the 2nd highest grossing film of all time in the market, only behind the studio’s own X-Men: The Last Stand in 2006.

In Germany, Deadpool grossed an excellent $7.3M to become not only No. 1 in the marketplace, but it also bested all previous X-Men openings there.

ryanreynoldsThe only major places it’s not yet playing are Italy, Japan, Spain, Korea. It will not receive a release in China release because of the violence/foul-language (In one of this overseas press stops in London, Reynolds recently joked that it got a Go f**k yourself rating from China). It should be noted that a Chinese New Year video he did had four times as many viewings as the actual trailer on YouTube.

Deadpool opened Tuesday in Hong Kong, garnering a No. 1 spot and made some history there as the industry’s biggest Chinese New Year single day ever. Overall this weekend, it grossed $3.9M to become the biggest Fox opening weekend ever in that market.

Given the branding and the fan-cination with the film, it will have great word of mouth, so how strong its multiple will be remains to be seen as Asian markets are usually fast burners. Asia, however, has been particularly strong (even without China) and Ryan used Taiwan as the South East Asia hub for promotion  — and it paid off: In Taiwan, the picture grossed $8.18M to become the biggest opening weekend ever for a PG-15 rated film.

There has been no release yet in the big market of Korea this weekend because Chinese New Year films are still playing.

The tracking in Brazil has been off the charts, but there was a big question mark on this film going into the weekend because in Latin America, family films are the films of choice. But, it grossed $6.3M there and was the second-highest R-rated film of all time there (behind last year’s Fifty Shades of Grey). Asia has also been a wildcard because that’s where X: Men – Days Of Future Past really popped, but as of Thursday it was coming in about double the expectations. In Thailand, it grabbed $2.59M to become the biggest ever and in Singapore, it nabbed a big $1.8M (the highest gross ever for an M18/NC16 rated film).

In the Philippines, it hauled in $3M to grab the record as the biggest opening weekend ever for an R-rated movie. In India, it grossed $2.6M and in Malaysia rallied with $2.99M — that was good for the studio’s best in the country, however, it did not beat the Chinese market favorite The Mermaid which took No. 1 in Malaysia.

The film releases in Italy, Spain, South Korea and the Middle East next weekend, followed by Japan in early June.

Zoolander 2ZOOLANDER 2
There’s no other way to put it: Deadpool kicked the fashion icon’s booty this Valentine’s Day weekend. Ben Stiller’s supermodel sequel opened in its first 20 international markets and grossed a better than expected $9.3M (up from the estimated $8.5M). It has been 15 years since Derek and Hansel walked the walk and they still have 40 more markets before their show is over. So far, the film is performing far and above the first Zoolander as Paramount is reporting that for the same group of markets, it’s tracking 242% (not 213% as estimated yesterday) above the first installment. So that performance changes all the percentages going forward. In terms of its comp pictures, it’s 24% above Grown Ups 2, 13% below The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, 14% below Dumb And Dumber To but 16% below Anchorman 2.

The cast and filmmakers toured extensively in a worldwide promotional tour to help pique interest. In fact, they traveled to Australia, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the U.K. Did it help? Well, in the U.K. it opened to the No. 3 spot with $3M (including previews) at 476 cinemas. Although, getting crushed by Deadpool, the gross is still 222% above Zoolander, 26% above Grown Ups 2, 22% above Mitty, 15% above Dumb and Dumber To but 57% below Anchorman 2.

In Australia, it opened in the No. 2 spot behind Deadpool to sashay in with $2.8M at 261 dates (including previews). That’s good for 211% above Zoolander, 51% above Dumb and Dumber To, 30% above Grown Ups 2, 20% above Mitty but 25% below Anchorman 2.

Australia will see another picture coming into the marketplace next weekend in the Joseph Fiennes Christian picture Risen. These kind of pictures do very well usually when a star is attached, however, business on this one could be domestically-fueled.

Italy took No. 3 to pocket $1.4M from 315 sites to hit 60% above Mitty but 11% below Dumb and Dumber To. Meanwhile, in Argentina, it took the No. 2 spot; from 148 play dates, it garnered $514K from 145 sites for a result that was 283% above Grown Ups and 195% above Mitty. It’s the second biggest opening weekend for a Ben Stiller film, only a hair below his 2014 film, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.

Next weekend, the comedy will open in Germany, Russia, Austria, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland-G and Thailand.

how-to-be-singleHOW TO BE SINGLE
The female-driven film from Warner Bros./MGM/New Line and distributed by Warners overseas enjoyed strong international results this Valentine’s Day weekend, a big $10.5M (way up from the est. $8.1M) from 3,680 screens (or 1.3M admissions). With only 30% to 35% of the international footprint launched this weekend, results have come in from Italy, Russian, Holland, Spain and Taiwan. This was clearly a counter-programming move by the distributor. One of its stars, Dakota Johnson, was in Fifty Shades of Grey last year during this same time frame — so from Anastasia Steele to blue steel — let’s see how this one fared market-by-market:

The film had a strong showing during what was the Chinese New Year holiday, opening in Taiwan to a big $1.3M from only 75 screens (including sneaks). It ranked No. 2 and crushed all grosses from previous comp title grosses. Italy opened to 14% higher than was predicted — $1.1M (instead of $945K) on 247 screens, also outperforming comp titles New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Bridesmaids, The Other Woman and Trainwreck.

Russia opened to a $994K on 916 screens, to bring the film a No. 2 ranking and also surpassing debut opening results from its comps of New Year’s Eve, Bridesmaids and Trainwreck. Marketing the film in Holland with ‘Ladies Night’ previews, the picture played well despite a rainy Valentine’s Day weekend to grab $746K (or 17% higher than the previous estimate) on only 98 screens and also — you guessed it — surpassing all of the comps. And in Spain, How to Be Single grossed $628K from 203 dates, well ahead of The Other Woman and Trainwreck and up 12% from Sunday’s estimates here. Scandinavian markets reported Monday for a combined gross of $1M.

How to Be Single will venture into the important territories of U.K., Australia and Mexico next weekend.

Taking advantage of school holidays in various markets, Disney’s Zootopia began opening in a very limited number of international markets this weekend, earning $3.1M in Spain and an additional $1.7M in Belgium and Denmark for a total of $4.8M. It was the No. 1 family film in all 3 markets it debuted in for the weekend and now has a total cume of $5.1M. Opening in mid-term school holidays, it was the biggest ever animated opening for a Disney or Pixar movie in Belgium. Its rollout continues next weekend in key markets including France, Italy, Korea and Mexico, prior to its domestic debut the weekend of March 4 which will also see its debut in Germany, Russia, and China. Other markets open through March and April.


These little critters just packed in another $15.9M from 63 markets for Fox which is having a heck of a weekend. The animated family film just crossed $100M this weekend internationally for a total cume of $108.9M. Playing on 4,983 screens overseas, it’s strongest market is the U.K. where it just opened in the No. 2 spot (behind the studio’s own Deadpool) to grab $6.3M. That opening puts it past the Alvin & The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked debut in 2011 by a staggering 184% there. Next weekend, another title will enter the U.K. market, but it will be an entirely different demographic. Triple 9, the heist thriller, will bow next weekend from director John Hillcoat (Lawless).

It’s in its second weekend France, South Korea and Belgium, to name a few, where it held on strongly. In France, it was up 16% from last weekend and took the No. 3 spot in the marketplace where its total cume now stands at $5.3M, according to estimates. South Korea was good for $405K and dropped a mere 14% in its sophomore frame for a total of $1.64M there. In Belgium where its playing in 86 runs, its grossed about $751K for a total cume to date of $1.55M. Its second weekend was up 106%. In Holland, the animated comedy was up about 30% for a $575K purse to add to the country’s international total of $1.54M.

The third installment of Kung Fu Panda continues to kick it, adding another $15.1M to its coffers in its third weekend of release. It has grossed an international cume of $162.9M so far picking up another $1.4M in Russia where it is second only to Deadpool. Of course, in China, it has grossed over $100M in three weeks time and pocketed another $10.4M this weekend to bring the market cume to $124.5M. It’s in the No. 6 spot, according to local Chinese reports. In South Korea, it took in yet another $2.7M for a to date total of $24.6M. It is currently playing on 6,687 screens in seven markets. More releases are on their way next month, but this Oriental DreamWorks China picture continues to play strongly in its markets, especially South Korea where it is currently No. 2 behind local favorite A Violent Prosecutor which is reportedly on over 1,600 screens compared to KFP3 on a little over 700.

Fox’s Oscar nominated leader tucked away another $14.6M from 6,283 screens in 73 markets this past weekend to bring its international cume to $202.7M. Globally it’s over $350M now and climbing. Its top market continues to be the U.K. with a total of $28.9M after grossing another $1M this weekend from 421 runs in its fifth time out. Spain dropped only 33% from its debut weekend to bring in another $2.8M from 739 dates and is holding strong at No. 2. In its sophomore frame, Brazil picked up another $1.5M from 492 plays, dropping only 39% in the country. Next up is France on Feb 24.

In its ninth weekend in release, Disney’s worldwide record-breaker took in another $4.7M over the weekend from the 28 markets its still playing in. Its international cume now sits at an estimated $1.11B and globally it is over $2B. In Germany, it has become only the third movie to cross the $100M — the other two being Fox films Titanic and Avatar.

Image (2) Goosebumps__140226182419-575x323.jpeg for post 722706GOOSEBUMPS
On over 2,200 screens in 16 markets, this movie based on the best-selling kids’ book gathered $3.9M this weekend from three new markets. If you include the Village Roadshow markets, its international cume is now $66.8M. It debuted in France, the Netherlands and French-Switzerland. In France, it opened to $915K from 410 sites and should do well as the school holidays come into play. It had a stronger hold in U.K. than in Germany this weekend. In the U.K., it was down only 39% from its opening weekend bringing in $1.5M; the local cume there is now $6M. The Spring Half Term holidays start on Monday, so moviegoing for this picture may increase. Meanwhile, in Germany, it was off 51% from its debut last weekend with $493K from 584 screens to bring the market tally to $1.9M. Its top performing markets so far is Mexico ($7.1M), followed by Australia ($6.3M) and then the U.K.

In 68 markets where it continues to play, the international total for this Sony picture is $65.7M after taking in another $4M from 2,900+ screens this weekend. Its top performing markets to date is France which has a cume of $5.8M after three weekends in release. In Brazil, The 5th Wave dropped 46% to bring in another $335K from 310 screens to raise its cume to $5.5M. Mexico added another $571K from 674 dates to bring its cume there up to $5.1M after three weeks. The next key market releases are South Korea (Feb. 25) and Japan (April 23).

Handled by Sierra/Affinity overseas (and Open Road domestically), the journalist drama Spotlight, which is up for six Academy Awards this year, reported $2.34M in grosses this weekend. Its international cume now sits at $16.5M and worldwide it has taken in $53.8M. Some of this weekend’s highlights for the film — in the U.K. is cume to date is $5.2M, Australia’s gross is now $2M and Spain (in its third weekend of play) has taken in $1.8M so far. In France, its gross is now at $2.6M locally. There are several markets yet to open, with the next being Hong Kong and Italy on Feb. 18 followed by India on the 19tth. It will be released in the big markets of Germany and South Korea on Feb. 25th

dads_armyDAD’S ARMY
In its second weekend of play overseas, Dad’s Army had a solid frame, with good runs in the U.K. and Ireland and holding strong in the No. 3 spot behind the opening of Deadpool and Alvin and the Chipmunks, both from Fox. Universal noted that it opened ahead of Zoolander 2 (excluding previews). The weekend estimate is $1.9M at 559 dates for a 10-day total of $7.3M. There are three more releases planned: New Zealand on Feb. 18 and then Australia and the Netherlands in April.

The Matt Damon-starring film, which has six Oscar noms, is holding very well in Japan where it is in its second weekend of play. It grossed another $3.4M to add to its burgeoning international total of $386.1M. It was No. 1 in the country yet again and dropped a mere 19%. Japanese audiences have pushed this film to doing better — way better — than its comp pictures. In fact, it’s doing 183% better than Gravity did in its second weekend in the country and a big 300% better than Interstellar‘s second frame.

Nominated for four Oscars, the Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander starring love story grossed an estimated $2.7M in 39 territories for an international cume of $33.4M, bringing its overall cume up to an estimated $44.2M. Opening highlights this weekend were Brazil which pulled in $306K from 37 locales to rank No. 6; Universal noted that it had the second-biggest screen average in the market.

The film debuted in Taiwan to a No. 4 slot and $519K in 35 playdates, opening at the same level as The Imitation Game and twice as big as Redmayne’s last outing, The Theory of Everything. Lastly, Turkey opened with $47K at 17 dates. There are 16 territories to open over the next two months.

The Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg comedy grossed took home another $2.6M this weekend in 38 markets for a new, international cume of $82.7M. The sophomore frame in Venezuela grossed $720K in 61 locations, down 60% from the opening. The cume after 10 days now stands at $4.9M for this Paramount film. Mexico’s added another $660K from 634 cinemas in its third weekend to bring the local cume to $6.2M — still at No. 3 in the country. Next up for the film will be the Philippines on Feb. 17, followed by Greece (March 3), Turkey (March 4), and Portugal (March 17), to name a few.

All key markets have opened for the picture that brought Sylvester Stallone back to the Oscars this year as a Best Supporting Actor nominee. The boxing picture, which is a continuation of the beloved Rocky series, grossed yet another $1.9M on 1,800 screens over the weekend in the 35 markets for distributor Warner Bros. The drama’s international cume is now $61.7M with France being the top performing market with $12M. Other top markets include the U.K. ($8.4M), Italy ($6M), Australia ($5.1M) and Spain ($3.6M).

The comedy sequel from Universal grossed another $1.7M in 28 markets for an international cume to date of $26M. Combined with the estimated U.S. total of $83.6M, the worldwide tally to date is an estimated $109.6M. Ride Along 2 has already grossed more than the international lifetime totals of comps The Wedding Ringer ($15.3M), the original Ride Along ($19.5M); and Get Hard ($21.3M). Belgium is the only new opening this weekend, and the studio reports that it’s off to a good start with a weekend estimate of $151K at 25 dates. It is performing 102% ahead of the opening of Ride Along. In its worldwide promotional tour, the cast visited Antwerp. In other markets, the Netherlands is holding strong at No. 5 in its second weekend with an estimated $217K at 45 dates for an 11-day total of $644K. Ride Along 2 has 17 more markets to roll into, including Australia and Uruguay on Feb. 18.

The raunchy comedy is still playing in 13 markets and this weekend grossed an estimated is $1.3M for an overseas total of $17.2M. Combined with the U.S. weekend estimates of $86.8M, the worldwide total is $104M. Opening this weekend was Germany, which grossed about $928K in 349 plays, and also Austria, which opened with $52K at 31 runs. German-Switzerland grabbed $159K at 33 dates in its opening. Meanwhile, Down Under, the comedy is enjoying a strong hold in Australia in its sixth weekend of play there, taking in an estimated $189K at 102 dates for a 39-day total of $8.2M. There are 14 territories still to release. Next up are Mexico and Sweden on March 4.

The five-time Oscar nominated picture The Big Short grossed $2.1M from 46 markets. There were no new openings this weekend, but as we are going into the Academy Awards soon, it’s good to note where the picture’s international gross currently stands: $52.1M. The next opening for this Adam McKay-directed film about the burst of the the U.S. housing market is Feb. 19 in Finland. It debuts in Japan on March 4.

The Will Smith drama opened in four new markets this weekend, including the U.K. and Spain to take in $1.1M from over 980 screens in 24 markets. In Spain, it debuted with $720K from 290 playdates which put it ahead of comps Moneyball (+49%) and The Blind Side (+14%). In the U.K., it took just $162K from 169 runs. Overall, it grossed another $1.1M in 24 markets where it is on 980 screens. The cume internationally is now $7.67M.

13 Hours grossed $285K from 14 markets, which included a debut in one market: Vietnam. The international cume is now $3.8M. Next up for the film is Sweden on Feb. 17, then Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore, Denmark and Bolivia follow the next day. Austraila will see the film on February 25th and Spain, the 26th.

This film is being distributed by Warner Bros. in Latin America, Russia, the U.K. and Japan (where it bows on Feb. 20th) and by Lionsgate everywhere else. Lionsgate reported $2M for the weekend and Warner Bros. didn’t report a weekend number. However, they did say their total gross on the picture was $20M. Combined, the total gross internationally is $97.3M. The top grossing market is, not surprisingly, China which has taken in $39.4M so far, according to Lionsgate.

The film based on the Apple founder had its final theatrical release in Japan this weekend, opening in a limited release of 52 dates; it placed No. 5 with an estimated weekend gross of $265K and had the third best screen average in the market. The international weekend estimate is $667K in 24 territories for a total of $16.18M. Combined with the U.S. estimated cume of $17.7M, the worldwide gross now stands at $33.8M.

the mermaidCHINESE FILMS:
The Chinese New Year holiday is underway in the Middle Kingdom and its top movie is the sci-fi fantasy comedy The Mermaid, which now has a total cume, according to Rentrak of $260M (all in from 4 territories) and other reports say $270M. The film, from director Stephen Chow, is about a playboy businessman who develops land and uses sonar to kill off all the sea life around it. So a mermaid is used as a honeytrap to seek revenge but it keeps backfiring. It’s still No. 1 in China after seven days of play. This weekend it grossed $7.5M from 548 screens in the three markets handling by Sony.

In Malaysia, it ranked No. 1 ahead of Deadpool, pulling in $3.9M from 166 screens, which was 20% ahead of comp From Vegas to Macau 2. It also debuted in Vietnam to best The Monkey King 2 with $2M from 186 screens. Also, it opened No. 2 in Singapore with $1.6M from 41 screens, which is 89% ahead of comp From Vegas to Macau 2. Upcoming markets for this picture includes Australia (Feb. 18) and the U.K. (Feb. 19).

Last Monday, when CNY kicked off, The Mermaid led the overall Chinese box office in what was the biggest single day in the market’s history — tallying up 660M yuan (or $100.4M). The comedy set a record when it debuted with the biggest one-day record for a local title. It also recorded the second biggest first day ever in the market (only behind Fast & Furious 7 last year). It only took five days for the comedy to cross the 1 billion Yuan mark ($152M+ U.S.). By this past Friday it was on the verge of crossing $200M, having succeeded in achieving another local record — the highest five-day box office result in history.

The other major films playing this weekend there are The Monkey King 2 (always a favorite title with moviegoers in China) which has a cume of $113M from nine territories and is No. 2 in China, and From Vegas to Macau III, which now has a total gross of $120M from eight markets and is No. 3.

In the No. 4 spot is a new film called Run for Love from the Huayi Brothers which has an international flair as it follows couples in Japan, the U.S., Norway, Turkey and Saipan. It was directed by Xu Wen.

Nancy Tartaglione contributed to this report.

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