Paramount Dates A Trio Of ‘Transformers’ Sequels; Collides With ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Godzilla 2’

Very early this morning, Paramount announced dates for three upcoming Transformers sequels.

Transformers 5 will open on June 23, 2017, while Transformers 6 has been dated June 8, 2018 followed by Transformers 7 on June 28, 2019. However, Transformers 5 is moving on a date that’s currently occupied by Warner Bros. DC superhero standalone film Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot. And Transformers 6 is stepping on the toes of another Warner Bros. movie on that June weekend in 2018: Godzilla 2. The current plan is for T6 to be the Bumblebee standalone movie. Currently, Transformers 7 is the sole wide release on June 28, 2019. 

Warner Bros. found itself recently in another game of release date bumper cars when it had to evacuate Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One from Dec. 15, 2017 after Star Wars:Episode VIII moved to that date. Warners recently announced that they were taking Ready Player One to Easter weekend 2018.

In March 2015, Deadline reported that Paramount put Akiva Goldsman in charge of a writer’s room which would crank out these next three Transformers movies and come up with potential spinoff films based on the billion-dollar franchise culled from the Hasbro toy line.

In a Rolling Stone interview recently, Michael Bay said that he was helming Transformers 5but that it would be his last. Across four titles, the Transformers franchise has generated $3.77B at the global box office.


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