Four Studios Bidding On ‘Gone Girl’ Author Gillian Flynn’s Short Story ‘The Grownup’: Hot Package Du Jour


EXCLUSIVE: While most of the movie deal makers are focused on Berlin, there’s a hot package in Hollywood that has got studios hot and bothered. I’m told that Universal, Fox, Paramount and TriStar so far are in the mix on The Grownup, a package built around the short story by Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn. Natalie Krinsky will adapt the tale, and Mike De Luca and Flynn will produce together what is her first big project since Gone Girl became a big hit movie. Studios read the short story and were pitched the material earlier this week, and the bids are hitting the table today.

Image (4) gillian-flynn__140530071719-150x150.jpg for post 737629Image (7) Michael-De-Luca__131206235916-150x150.jpg for post 703766This might take a couple days, but it looks to be the first big deal of the year. The tale is a thriller with an intriguing female character, in the mode of Gone Girl and The Girl On The Train. A harmless con woman is reading auras at Spiritual Palms when she meets a beautiful rich and terribly unhappy woman whom the phony psychic tries to help. She goes to her Victorian home the woman swears was haunted when she moved in with her husband, son and stepson. The con woman is charged with exorcising the evil within, and it’s soon clear she may have gotten in way over her head. WME and CAA are handling the auction.

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