‘Batman V Superman’ Final Trailer: Batman (Featuring Superman)?

batman v superman
Warner Bros.

I’m guessing this got released a mite bit too early considering A) two new tv spots were just released during the Super Bowl and B) we’re still a month and a half out from the film’s premiere, but here we go. The “final” trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice appeared online this morning, and you can watch it here now.

Take-ways? It feels like an ad for a film about the caped crusader with Superman as a supporting character. As such we get to see a bit more about just how the new Ben Affleck version of Batman operates (Alfred goes into the field with him), as well as much more of his point of view regarding the alien who lives in Metropolis. It’s also a fairly dramatic departure from previous Batman v Superman marketing, emphasizing fast paced action and, dare we say it, thrills, as opposed to the more mournful tone previous trailers have taken. That background music though – it’s supposed to be a “Sabotage” sound alike, right?

I put “final” in quotes for a reason by the way. In addition to the odd timing, the focus on Batman feels like it’s missing a companion trailer. I wouldn’t be shocked if another trailer emphasizing Clark Kent/Superman follows. Also, worth noting that the trailer comes not via Warner Bros’ official youtube but on the channel belonging to a small LA based production outfit. Which brings us back to the question of whether or not it was released a bit too early. Either way, Batman v Superman hits theaters March 25.

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