Alchemy And Arc Acquire ‘A Country Called Home’

Alchemy and ARC Entertainment just acquired the worldwide rights to A Country Called Home, a coming-of-age drama that marks the directorial debut of Anna Axster. The film will drop into theaters on February 26 and VOD on March 1.

Co-written with Jim Beggarly, the film tells the story of Ellie (Imogen Poots), a young woman living in Los Angeles who learns that her estranged alcoholic father has died. Having had no contact with him since childhood, she’s reluctant to make the effort to attend his funeral, but something draws her to Texas where he spent the last years of his life. At first dismayed by the small town vibe, she’s soon intrigued by the people she meets, among them a distraught stepmother, her apprehensive son, a gutsy young musician, and a set of doting grandparents she’s never met.  As she finds glimpses of the father she once knew, she also discovers a new attitude towards friendship, loyalty, and family.

Mary McCormack (The West Wing), Mackenzie Davis (The Martian), June Squibb (Academy nominated for Nebraska), Shea Whigham (Silver Linings Playbook), Josh Helman (Mad Max: Fury Road) star in this along with Poots. Ryan Bingham, who (along with T Bone Burnett) won an Oscar for original song from the film Crazy Heart, is not only part of the cast but he also created the original music and score for the film.

Axster has been making films and music videos for more than 10 years as a writer, director and producer. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, she started collaborating with Bingham. Among other videos Anna directed all of Ryan Bingham’s music videos and in 2012 she formed Axster Bingham Records. In addition to the previous mentioned, she also acts as Ryan Bingham’s manager and recently joined Faction Management.

The film was produced by Nicolas Gonda (The Tree of Life) and Jason Netter (Wanted) and executive produced by Tucker Moore (Sweetwater) and Alec Jhangiani (The Tree of Life). A Country Called Home first premiered at the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival.


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