Super Bowl: ‘Bourne’ Explodes On Social Media But Isn’t The ‘Captain’

EXCLUSIVE: A pregame Super Bowl spot that aired just before kickoff certainly has paid off for Disney and Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. The trailer for the film, which bows summer, was shown to have had the most social activity of all trailers from the major studios in the 24-hour window after the Big Game.

Of all of the spots aired, the 30-second trailer for the Captain took the trophy in the social media universe with 292M across FB, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, which RelishMix calls “significant” for a superhero franchise. While, it’s certainly not the biggest — that goes to The Avengers franchise, which has risen to 918M SMU over the years — this one is no slouch.

Captain America got the biggest bounce from the spot, but only by a yard. Totally cloaked and with no pregame buzz, the Jason Bourne official title announcement/trailer from Universal lit up at the end of the second quarter and began trending heavily on Twitter right afterward. Here it is:

In fact, the SMU for Bourne before Sunday was a scant 3.3M but since has surged to a whopping 9.1M which, RelishMix notes, is very impressive in only 24 hours, especially given the fact that Matt Damon is fairly “non-social.” The trailer is at 2.6M on YouTube alone — and climbing.

This year’s Super Bowl played to an audience of 112M. While it’s not the highest viewership on record, it still ranks as the third-most-watched show in TV history. The ads this year were going for about $5M during the game and, of course, it was a tad cheaper pregame. Was that money well spent? Let’s take a look:

Super Bowl 50 Social Media ActivityRanking No. 3, was Coke’s promotional tie-in spot featuring The Hulk and Ant-Man, which still is playing well on Coke’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. Warner Bros, which traditionally doesn’t buy time during the Super Bowl, let Turkish Airlines promotional tie-ins commercials for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice take flight. The two 30-second spots from the airlines “has done exceptionally well, considering the fact that they are only on YouTube and hasn’t been re-distributed across the studio’s social film pages,” said RelishMix CEO Mark Karzen. Hey, Warners, wake up!

All of the top five movie spots are clocking in the area of 1M views a day, with fans and superfans reposting heavily, RelishMix says.

After a day of social activity, Fox is doing OK, but Independence Day could have used a bit more, well, surge. Besides Independence Day: Resurgence, Fox dropped spots for X-Men: Apocalypse and Deadpool (which bows in the nation’s theaters this weekend). Of the three, its franchise favorite played best, landing in the No. 4 spot:

Karzen noted that all of the spots at the bottom of the chart played well before game time, some even an hour before (yeah, when people are out shopping for Doritos). Focus Features’ London Is Fallen, for instance, played two hours prior to kickoff. “This shows that buying those almost-$5M spots during the game makes a significant difference on social,” he said.

The Captain America: Civil War spot “United We Stand, United We Fall” played in pregame, but it was just a coupla minutes before the game began. Here it is:

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