Bernie Sanders Heading to ‘SNL’ To Join Larry David

Bernie Sanders campaign says he’s going to New York to appear on Saturday Night Live this weekend with his doppelganger, aka host Larry David.

“He is going,” CNN  senior Washington correspondent Jeff Zeleny reported moments ago, citing a senior campaign advisor.  “He has been invited,”  Zeleny said, but quickly added, “there are no official announcements because Saturday Night Live keeps its programming closehillary-clinton-snl-620 to the vest. But he is heading there and he believes he will be on SNL and there’s every reason to believe he will be because Larry David has been playing him for so long.”

“That’s going to be quite the show – quite a debut on that stage,” he added.

Appearing on the show with the guy who has been doing spot-on imitations of the Vermont senator continues a popular SNL tradition in the 2016 presidential election cycle.

In October, Sanders’ Dem rival Hillary Clinton appeared on the show as Val the Bartender, to Kate McKinnon’s anxious Hillary Rodham Donald Trump SNLClinton in the show’s 41st season debut, singing “Lean On Me” and introducing Miley Cyrus, who was that night’s host and musical guest.  The next month, guest host Donald Trump opened the show, flanked by faux Donalds, Taran Killam and Darrell Hammond.

David will likely break out his Sanders impression, which he has done in two memorable appearances on the show this season, including that Trump-hosted night in November. Curb Your Enthusiasm creator/star David was a writer on SNL three decades ago and also appeared on the SNL: 40th Anniversary Special last year.

The appearance will be a boost for Sanders, who is expected to take the New Hampshire primary on the Dem side in a few days, on the heels of his virtual tie with Clinton at the Iowa caucuses, surprising TV news pundits  – and Clinton’s campaign.

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