Marcia Clark On ‘The View’: Watching ‘The People V. O.J. Simpson’ Is “Re-living A Nightmare”

UPDATED, 11:57 AM: After she appeared on The View Lance Itotoday, Marcia Clark slammed Judge Lance Ito in the online-only program After The View, claiming he was star-struck. “He was foul towards me — that was a bad thing,” the former prosecutor said. “And that undermines you with the jury, and that’s a bad thing. But beyond that, he was so struck with celebrity that every ruling went crazy because he was more concerned with the press being in love with him and getting to have celebrities in his chambers — a steady stream of actors and actresses in and out of his chambers all day long, every day. … Everything about the attitude was wrong.” Watch the video here:

PREVIOUSLY, 9:38 AM: O.J. Simpson prosecutor Marcia Clark stopped by The View today to give her take on FX’s The People v. O.J. Simpson,  in which she’s portrayed by  Sarah Paulson.

“I think it’s amazing. I can’t watch it the way most people do. For me it’s re-living a nightmare; it’s just awful. Every bit of it is awful and hard for me,” Clark said, calling it “a measure of how good it is that it hurts that much.”

“They’re getting the big stuff so right,” she told The Ladies of The View. “I’m super impressed Ryan Murphy had the vision, and the guts, to pull out the important big issues and  talk about them…They really nailed the racial issue in the biggest way possible.”

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