NLRB Dismisses Charges That Hollywood Teamsters Rigged Contract Vote

The National Labor Relations Board has dismissed allegations that Hollywod’s Teamsters local rigged last year’s contract ratification vote. Local 399 Secretary-Treasurer Steve Dayan had contented that the charges were “frivolous” and politically motivated.

Steve_Dayan“I’m very pleased that the board recognized that Local 399’s handling of the ratification vote was proper and in no way diminished our member’s ability to cast their ballots for ratification.” Dayan told Deadline. “The membership ratified the agreement by more than 80%.”

The charges were filed by veteran transportation coordinator Eugene Alford, who claimed he witnessed ballot tampering when the votes were being counted. He has filed numerous charges against the local in the past – none of which was found to have any merit.

“This is not the first time he’s filed charges,” Dayan said. “It’s the same group of guys filing charges. It’s political. They’re unhappy that I got elected.” He said that he believes the charges were filed by supporters of his predecessor, Leo Reed, who ruled the local for nearly 25 years.

In dismissing the charges, NLRB Regional Director Mori Ruben told Alford: “We have carefully investigated and considered your charge that Teamsters Local 399 has violated the National Labor Relations Act. Based on that investigation, I have decided to dismiss your charge because there is insufficient evidence to establish a violation of the Act.”

Alfred has until February 13 if he wants to file an appeal.

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