‘Race For The White House’ Trailer: CNN Series Re-Creates Historic Campaign Rannygazoo


On the eve of the Iowa Caucus, and the same day Kevin Spacey appeared in Bankruptcy Court via a recorded presentation to urge Judge Michael Wiles to let Relativity Media out of bankruptcy protection (with Spacey’s agreement to serve as Chairman of Relativity Studios), CNN emailed around the trailer for its Spacey-produced-and-narrated “event” Race For The White House.

As he’d promised, Spacey uses his “normal voice” in the trailer narration that’s a snippet of the six-part series for CNN’s Original Series brand, about the dirty tricks and Machiavellian schemes used over the years in the race to the White House. Spacey used his “normal voice” so as not to confuse viewers with the dirty tricks and Machiavellian schemes in which he engages as ruthless, conniving politician Francis Underwood on Netflix’s House Of Cards.

Using archival footage, dramatizations and interviews and stylized dramatizations, each hour-long episode tells the story of one presidential campaign. Among the campaigns covered: Lincoln/Douglas, JFK/Nixon, Bush/Dukakis. Spacey exec produces with Dana Brunetti. Race For The White House, co-produced by Raw and Trigger Street Productions, debuts Sunday, March 6, at 9 PM ET/PT.


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